Revovery Week by Default

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I've been doing pretty good on the training front. They're no 2 a days, but I've had 14 hour weeks for the past couple of weeks, including a 60 mile bike ride (on the trainer!) with an 11.5 mile run last weekend. I think I overdid it, and my body is telling me so.

Friday I noticed that my throat was a little sore, and I thought for sure that I was coming down with the cold that has been passed around at work. It never came, though, and Saturday Steve and I hopped on the trainer and watched a couple of movies. Then we went out for super tasty supper at a local restaurant.

Sunday morning during church, I noticed that the right side of my neck was a bit swollen. When I got home, I looked in the mirror and saw quite possibly the grossest lesion imaginable on my tonsil. I felt fine, so I went on my 11.5 mile run anyway and THEN went to urgent care. They basically told me I was fine, and it popped on its own by that evening anyway.

Monday my throat/neck were feeling a little better Monday, but I was EXHAUSTED, so I took the day off.

Tuesday I woke up with a migraine. It hasn't gone away. It's now Thursday, and I haven't worked out since Sunday. I'm feeling super antsy, really foggy, and just plain tired. If you couldn't tell, I'm also whiny.

Hopefully this will all go away soon and I'll be back to training. In the meantime, there's just waiting...