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Note to Self:

In preparation for you 17 miler this weekend, you did most things right but forgot one very big detail:

Packing to do an away run? Excellent job. You didn't forget anything.

Having your brother watch the odometer on the way home from church Sunday to get the distance right? Your experience is paying off.

Convincing you little sister to meet you twice on the course to bring water and bringing money to buy water at the halfway point? Flawless

Forgetting sunscreen?

* Even though you did 15 miles without problems last weekend...
* Even though you wore 4 layers of long sleeves and a hat when working outside the day before...
* Even though you started off the run in long sleeves...
* Even though your run start was cool and cloudy...




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I Marathon Hurt

Went home this weekend to help the parents build the new garden shed (from scratch) and try to tackle a few other projects. After 11 hours of solid manual labor with few breaks on Saturday, I woke up Sunday with aches all over my body, especially in my glutes and hammies. Like, sore to the touch kind of pain. Every step of our 17 mile run was a not so subtle reminder of Saturday's activities, and if I hadn't been running with Steph, I just may have walked the last 2.5 miles.

We did an out and back to the nearest town with a gas station. It actually worked out well because the super nasty headwind we had for the 8.5 miles into town literally carried us back home. My little sister Anne was a trooper and met us with two additional water stops. I really would have bonked if it hadn't been for her! Thanks again Anne! Love you!

Today I am bending, walking, sitting, and standing like I ran a marathon yesterday, except without the glory of being able to tell people that I ran a marathon yesterday. I've never been this sore after a training run, but I know it's a great deposit into the bank for June! Plus, I'm taking today off guilt free. It's gorgeous outside, so maybe I'll just go for a little walk.
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2008 Race Schedule

So it's been 2008 for what, 4 months now? I just put the final touches on this year's race season a week or so ago, though, so I can finally write it all down. I am so excited! This is the most races I've ever been able to fit in a year, and we've got some great meet-ups scheduled with fellow bloggy friends. So much fun! Some have yet to be registered for, but here's the plan:

St. Patrick's Day Human Race 5 mile - March 16
Winter Begone! Duathlon (5K, 30 mile, 10K) - April 27
Grandma's Marathon - June 21
WIBA - June 27-29
Lifetime Fitness Olympic Distance Tri - July 12
Steelhead 70.3 - Aug 2
Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon - October 6

I'm totally pumped because Grandma's will be my first marathon away from home, and Steelhead will be my first "away" tri (except for IM MOO of course). Plus, I know there will be great times to be had when a bunch of crazy triathletes get together at WIBA and Steelhead!
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Workin' on That Speed Thing

Intervals yesterday at 8:45 PM. Work's been extra busy again, and I needed a 1.5 hour nap first (see previous post). The plan called for 5 x 1200s. I had hoped to do them on the track near our house, but the football team was practicing on the field, so I settled for the road. Goal to hit a 7:45 pace was 5:49/1200. One way was uphill, and one way was downhill, hence the times:


Even though my splits were all over the place, the average wasn't too bad - 5:49.8.

Steve's off to the doughnut run this weekend. This is one time that I'm not sad that I work. The whole concept sort of makes me nauseous.

I've been putting the finishing touches on my official 2008 schedule, and I'm super excited. Post coming soon!
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Motivation (and Lack Thereof)

Two weeks ago, I ran intervals in what was the start of yet another snowstorm. I did my 800s in what must have been record slow time and looked like this when I got home:

If you look close, you can see a giant snowball accumulated in my hair.

The ground actually had started out dry before we got all of this stuff again.

Saturday Steph and I went for a 14 miler that we managed to keep under 10 minutes/mile. I felt great during it and was barely sore the next day. Maybe all of this speed work is paying off!

Sunday Borsch and I did a nice easy bike ride of 22 miles in rain that was reminiscent of IMMOO 2006 except even colder and muddier. Up until then, I had the "no rides outside if it's not 50 degrees," but I don't think it even got up to 45. It actually felt great, and even though we were just out for an easy ride, we still maintained a pace well over 15 mph. In the rain. And the cold. And the wind. I felt way better than during last weekend's ride.

Training for an early summer marathon is so much different than I thought it would be. I've done plenty of fall ones, so I sort of thought that I had this all down. For some reason, I didn't think I would be battling intervals in the snow or waiting for my local track to melt. I didn't anticipate worrying about my footing on my long runs because there was so much ice on the sidewalk. I've lived here for 27 years. You'd think I would have known that there would still be snow in March and April. Thankfully, it's starting to warm up, and almost all of our snow is melted. The days are getting longer, so I should still be able to get my runs in even when I work the weekend. I'm sure looking forward to having the water fountains in the parks turned on for the season, though. This year is also a little different because I haven't been able to rely on my natural motivation to get out and go. My body usually comes out of hibernation sometime between mid-March and mid-April, and this year I had to force it out early. Plus, when I get home from a long day's work and sit on the couch for a couple of minutes, this happens:

Good luck getting me out the door then! Kermie is holding down my legs while catching a few ZZZs, and Ella is asking for a belly rub. I love taking naps with them.

If you haven't gone to vote for Steve's video in the Drymax socks contest, please go do it. If you've been to his blog, you've seen pictures of his feet after even a short long run. Can you imagine snuggling up to those dogs in bed at night? Not so romantic. He could definitely use a year's worth of quality socks! Voting ends tomorrow, so for my sake, stop over there :)