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A Great Day

So I lied a little. The bracelet didn't actually come off until today. I got home from work a little late last night, Steve and I watched America's Next Top Model ( a very guilty pleasure) while putting away laundry, and then I helped him pack for his trip to New York City for his big photo convention.

This morning, I woke up bright and early (3:40 to be exact) to drop Steve off at the airport and then came home for a 1 hour nap before heading to work. You'd think that with an alarm clock going off that early, I'd be crabby. For some reason, it was just the opposite today. Work went really well, and for the first time in a long time, we were not swamped with patients. It gave me some extra time to spend teaching my medical residents and pharmacy student, which I love doing. I even managed to squeeze in a noon talk by one of the physicians about her recent time in Darfur working for Doctors Without Borders. It was really interesting from both the political/world view as well as the medical view.

This afternoon, I vowed that I would be able to cut off my bracelet, so I went to a spinning class at my local Y. Dan, my instructor, just finished IMMoo this fall, too, and he always offers fairly challenging classes. He laughs just like Eddie Murphy in the Beverly Hills Cop movies. I can't explain it. You'd have to just know what I mean. Anyway, it was nice to see some familiar faces from all of the classes I took last winter. Alas, I still do not have an indoor trainer. I honestly don't know that I want one anytime soon. Class actually went pretty well. I took it a bit easy. No use going crazy on my first day back. This probably won't make sense, but the happy place I imagined during class, which used to be a flat part on my favorite trail, has turned into my 3 hardest parts of the IM bike ride. Maybe it's because those are the ones most ingrained into my memory. Maybe I was just telling myself that even if this were a difficult class, I've certainly gotten through worse, or maybe it just means that I'm rested, and I'm back - ready for the next adventure.



I need to get my butt to a spin class!


Hmmm, do we need an intervention or someething to get the bracelet off? Maybe I should demand a picture. =)

In my opinion, a trainer is the way to go. Spin bikes just aren't quite the same.


I like a spin class/trainer mix...otherwise I go NUTS on the trainer! Good to mix it up!

I would LOVE to talk to the physician who was in, how interesting!


Yeah, I think a little intervention on that bracelet might be in order. People can't see that. More fun to Flaunt the IM clothing in public.

Mix in some indoor trainer sessions in there too. It is a more realistic feel, less fun thou.


I LOVE your happy place! :) In addition to being ironic, it's good from a practical standpoint that those hills are your happy place cuz you'll be seeing them next September. I know it's way too early to be thinking about that, but as I read IM Florida race reports, I am coming to think that the visualization you do ahead of time makes a HUGE difference. So, spin on.

I'm starting spin tomorrow AM. I don't own a trainer and am not in a hurry to get one either.


Welcome back to the wonderful world of fitness. It has missed you!

Glad to hear everything is well. Hopefully I'll be able to visit soon.