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When Two Triathletes Buy a House

Yep, I’ve got houses on the brain right now. It’s funny to think at how being triathletes influenced our purchase. So for a little fun, I’ve come up with a few ways to spot a triathlete homebuyer:

1. Their new house is not more than ½ mile from a bike path, which leads to LOTS of other bike paths.
2. There is also a really nice area for running nearby – grass trails on a beautiful boulevard one way and a college track the other.
3. The house is not too far from the YWCA (where they practically live anyway).
4. Every house they looked at required a close inspection of the basement to ensure adequate bike storage.
5. The clothesline in the basement made them really excited. They finally have someplace to dry wetsuits and swimsuits.
6. The garage has plenty of room for doing bike repairs.
7. In designing their new kitchen, they are ecstatic to finally have a cupboard for large tubs of CarboPro, water bottles, and their giant container of gels, powders, and bars.
8. After those long Sunday training rides, the new porch with its soon-to-be added hammock will be perfect for a little nap.
9. The living room’s fireplace (which will be converted to flip-the-switch gas) will be nice and toasty – perfect for keeping away those post-exercise winter chillies.
10. On really intense weeks where a special treat is warranted (or even if it’s not – who am I kidding?), there’s a homemade ice cream shop just 3 blocks away.
11. There's now an extra bedroom for bloggy friends to come and stay (or family, or friends who live close by and for some strange reason can't seem to drive themselves home). If you're planning to visit the Twin Cities area anytime after May, let us know!



SCORE on #10!

Yes, this HOBBY does sort of take over one's life, doesn't it?


I like the list. Extra bedrooms for visiting training partners are so great. We have two of those, plus two large comfy couches for housing various cycling buddies, especially Jeff's BMX friends.


Sounds sweet! Club Greyhound likewise has tri-space, swim-bike-run access, and extra rooms for triblogger visits. No matter how much space there is, however, tri-junk will expand to fill the space alloted for it.


all perfect things to look for in a house!


I bought my new house BECAUSE of the lake & trail down the road and the YMCA is less than a mile away :-) Plus I got an extra bedroom to keep the bikes. Good list. Very accurate!


Wow, good luck with the new place. Now I'm thinking I should go to a med physics conference in Minneapolis in July.


I think you have your priorities straight!


Sounds like a great place.

Run, ride, and a swim not far away.. That's a real bonus...

Have fun at the new digs. I think some of us bloggies might be a knockin..


We triathletes definitely have our own set of needs. :-)


This is great info to know.