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Race Week!

Well, make that "Run 13.1 miles with my sister and a bunch of other people." We've been squeezing in long runs every week, including last week's Run for the Cheese run, where we all but sprinted at the end to get to the grocery store. I was craving smoked string cheese for three days beforehand, and by mile 14, I may have broken into the store had we not made it in time. Thankfully, Steph humored me, and we made it to the store with a few minutes to spare. I believe that the best line of the night came at one of our water stops when she told me that if I wanted cheese, I'd better focus.

Anyway, the half marathon this weekend should be tons of fun. No time goals. Just want to have fun... The runners are great, it's a good hilly course, and the race T-shirts are known for their special ugliness. I may have to post pictures!


Steve S.

We all know you have a thing for "special ugliness."

You DID marry me...


Perhaps the shirt will go with your sister's butterfly babysuit - I mean bathing suit!

Happy Racing!


Good luck with the run...looking forward to the UGLEE shirt pic!


Good luck at the race.. An Ugly race shirt, is there actually one. They do seem to come in one color thou all the time, "White"


What's with the cheese cravings?


Have fun at the run. Maybe run tees are always white, but I've received some rather funky day-glo shirts at biking events. Some ugly, so not so bad. At least you always know you've got a T-shirt to lounge around in. And eventually you can have a quilt made out of your favorites!

Glad to see posting!




yay for cheese and yay for ugly race t-shirts. I hope preparations for your move are going well.