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Race Week!

Well, make that "Run 13.1 miles with my sister and a bunch of other people." We've been squeezing in long runs every week, including last week's Run for the Cheese run, where we all but sprinted at the end to get to the grocery store. I was craving smoked string cheese for three days beforehand, and by mile 14, I may have broken into the store had we not made it in time. Thankfully, Steph humored me, and we made it to the store with a few minutes to spare. I believe that the best line of the night came at one of our water stops when she told me that if I wanted cheese, I'd better focus.

Anyway, the half marathon this weekend should be tons of fun. No time goals. Just want to have fun... The runners are great, it's a good hilly course, and the race T-shirts are known for their special ugliness. I may have to post pictures!
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So the 60 hour work weeks with family time in between has kept me busy. Training for IM #2 and buying a house have more than filled up any extra time I may have thought I had. Blogging has taken a back seat. Actually, it's more like dragging somewhere behind the car by now. My house is a disaster, as is to be expected with moving, but it's driving me crazy. I am feeling behind on absolutely everything, so when I went to the Y last night, I finally listened to the signs.

I got there, ready for my 3200 M swim that was planned. I undressed and headed for the shower. Goggles? Check. Towel? Check Swim cap? Uh oh. It somehow managed to crawl out of my bag. In 4 years of swimming regularly, I have never forgotten my swim cap. It's always in my bag, and I can't imagine swimming without one. I thought for a second. I could buy one at the front desk for $5. I could run home and get one of the many I have as backup. My house is only 3/4 mile away. It would only take about 10 minutes to go home and come back. Then I had a realization. Someone was trying to tell me something. Maybe there was a reason I shouldn't hop in the water. I took it as a sign. I skipped the swim and went home to do a little Pharmie upkeep. A bikini wax, pedicure, and leg shave later, I am now ready to head back to the pool. Sometimes it takes divine intervention...