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Update: I'm Not Dead!

...Though I've been sleeping like I am. Seriously. I barely have time to pull the covers up and I've passed out. I have been a very negligent blogger - reading all of your posts but not commenting and leaving things here for like three weeks. Not a lot of time, so bullet points will have to do for now.

* Marathon training is going well. I've found out that my intervals go faster and are literally faster when I do them with Steph, and I secretly like knowing that I'm kicking her butt a little. She says that when she's doing them on her own, she just can't make herself go that fast. My 8 mile tempo run last week felt like a walk in the park.

* Did a 20 miler with my super bud Maddy who is running Grandmas as well. Funny how being out there for that long doesn't seem like nearly enough when you've got a friend to catch up with. Thanks Maddy! I also found out that running on a crushed limestone path makes my legs feel about 300% better when I'm finished than concrete or asphalt. My muscles were a little sore, but I didn't have that deep achy joint pain.

* I'm doing my first solo long run in months by myself this weekend. It'll be a good test to see what kind of pace I run on my own and to see whether a marathon PR is really on the horizon...

* The day after I went for my 20 miler, Matt and Steve did a local du. I didn't want to feel left out, and my legs were feeling OK, so I decided to do it with them. The bad news: the race was sold out. The good news: the course was not one that I would have loved, and I got to take tons of pictures. It was a blast cheering them on.

* Since I didn't get to do the du, my next multisport race won't be till July. Boo.

* Work has been going fairly well. I'm really trying to make an effort to get out in 8.5 hours. It still stinks that I've had to work the last 3 out of 4 weekends, but I know I'll love it in June with 4 whole weekends off in a row!

* I need to remember that in order to actually finish my tris respectively this summer, I'm going to need to get on my bike more...a lot more.

* If Mother Nature would friggin cooperate, maybe that last one would actually happen. I was so excited to hit the road on Monday after work, but when I got outside at 4:30, it was 50 degrees. FIFTY. And that's not counting the flipppin windchill. It's almost June for crying out loud! I never made it out. American Gladiators was on TV, and I just couldn't bring myself to put that many clothes on.

* Oh yeah, the pool too. I should probably start swimming again.

* My little brother graduates from high school in less than 2 weeks. I used to change his diaper. Now he's heading off to play college football.

* I heart my LRS (local running store). I think I'll devote a whole post to them later. Having knowledgeable people that you can trust just makes an unbelievable difference.

* And I'm out! More updates later, and hopefully some real posts!



You're alive!

No more boy booty short shots.


YAY I'm psyched for you and your awesome improvements lately, it'll be so cool to see BY HOW MUCH you PR that marathon. You've really been working hard and it shows!

How cool is that too about your little bro, funny huh when they hit those milestones? Good times. Glad also to hear that work isn't quite as rough, that was rough for a while.

Can't wait to see you at WIBA sister!


yay welcome back little lady! sounds like a lot has been going on!

tell your boss and mother nature to suck it!

you are kicking ass at your runs, you are going to do great at grandmas!


Glad to hear you are still "alive" out there..

Great job on your running improvements. Oh yeah, soft surfaces are always so much better than the hard asphalt..

Look forward to hear how your marathon PR goes.


I hear you on bullet points #8 and 9. Seriously, what is WITH this weather?! I've never been so angry with a meteorologist as this spring. And the pool? I might have forgotten where that is as well. I've had great intentions to swim in the lake on my lunch break, but given the first point, that's not happening either. Long story longer, it's not just you.

Can't wait to hear more about the marathon training!


I havent had too much energy to update my blog either. It just seems that i can barely get out to train and i dont want to just blog on our ongoing winter. Hang in there and i hope to see you on summit!

Jumper 2.0

20 miles of crushed limestone????


Can't wait to see you cross the finish at Grandma's!


Holy crap! Could you put any more in 1 post?

I'm curious...where did you run on limestone? Near Harriet Island?