Break's Over, Back to Work!

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I took nearly a full week off after my 70.3. Technically, my marathon training was supposed to start that Monday, but I decided it would be best if I took a few days off before diving into training. It always takes me a couple of weeks to fully recover from a 70.3 to the point that I can get through a long run without feeling like my legs are going to fall off.

I'm doing the FIRST training program again. My goal is to get in the 3 runs, 2 bike rides a week, 2 swims a week, some weight training, and LOTS of ab work. I've had a lot of trouble with cramping the last couple of years, and I know it's from neglecting the abs.

So far so good! I got in a long run with Borsch on Monday in the 90+ degree heat. Yesterday I did a mid-distance swim, and today I biked with my brother Matt. He's so much faster than me, and I was sucking wind for much of it, but I know the only way I'm ever going to get faster is if I'm chasing somebody during my training rides! This weekend is WIBA, which always proves to be a great time with friends and some really quality training. It'll be a great way to end week 1!



Thanks for the long run!

Have fun this weekend!


I had a really laid back 7-10 days after the HIM as well. Glad you are back at it...and have fun at WIBA!


Yeah marathon training! I used the FIRST plan the last marathon cycle. I liked having specific paces for each run, it helped to keep me on track. Of course, I ended up modifying some of the runs. I threw in an extra 20 miler for confidence. Overall, 3 runs a week was much better for me than the Hal Higdon 5 day a week plans I used before.

I'm sure cross training will help you as well. Keep you in Tri shape too!

Steve Stenzel

Nice 400s tonight!!!