Race Tomorrow!

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As usual, I'm SO behind on posting. It's been a super busy summer, and with the home improvement projects, work, and family time, it's flying by. I have a ton of updates I want to put up here, but we've got to clean the house for four hungry triathletes to be coming over tonight for a pasta feed. For now, I'll just have to tell you that my running has really been coming along. For the first time in years, I actually feel like I'm seeing improvements.

Race tomorrow - Chisago Half Iron Distance. This will be my third time at this race, and the weather is actually expected to cooperate for a change! The last 2 times I did this race, the heat index was over 100 degrees. Tomorrow's supposed to be around 80. It will be my 7th 70.3 and my 5th 70.3 in a year. I love this distance! It may turn into a super social fest. We know so many people who are racing it. This is gonna be so much fun :)



Have a good one!


Yay! Glad the running is going so well!

Have fun tomorrow!

As for 70.3s....Cedar Point 2010, Cedar Point 2010...



Have fun, and glad you are seeing improvements!


It was great to see you out on the course, Pharmie, and CONGRATS on your PR!

Rural Girl

I'm with Trisaratops. Cedar Point in 2010!

Now, how did your race go?


Congrats on the running- can't wait to hear how the race went- sounds like it went well!