Out of Hibernation

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Well, the robins returned this week, and the chipmunk that inhabits our downspout is back, so I guess it’s appropriate that I come out of hibernation, too.

I tried to fight it for years, but I’ve come to learn that my body and mind just need a break each winter. The degree and length of the hibernation tends to vary, but it usually starts in November or early December and lasts for one to three months. This year, it seemed to start right after we got back from California in November and last through early February or so. I still got in a few workouts per week, but nothing super intense. All the snow we got this winter made running outside nearly impossible, but it helped the cross country skiing, and if you can’t fight winter, you might as well embrace it a little, right? I got in a trainer ride or 2 each week using the Spinnervals Endurance Pack. I’d highly recommend it. The workouts are super tough, so my brother Matt and I actually had to split up some of the 2 hour ones at the beginning. Coach Troy keeps things interesting, though, so even though all of the workouts are 1.5-3 hours long, they don’t seem to drag out. I also got in several indoor runs sans treadmill thanks to Tuesday and Thursday Dome running. That left long runs outside on the weekends, and since my good friend Haley was training for a half marathon, I had a running partner! Thankfully, she caught the bug and is training for another one in May, so I still have a partner for long runs on the weekends!

After my 50K last fall, I was keeping an eye out for spring 50 milers, but the hibernation took over. I’m in half marathon shape right now, but I’m not in marathon shape, and I’m definitely not in 50 mile shape. Even though I have felt like I’ve lost a lot of speed over the winter, my race today proved otherwise. Steve and I did the MDRA Lake Johanna 4 miler. It’s free to all MDRA members, and we decided Friday that we’d go for it. I haven’t raced a short distance for over 6 months, and since many of my long runs have been at a 10+ minute mile pace, I figured I’d finish in 40 minutes or so. I hit my first mile in 8:29 feeling great, so I decided to stick with the pace. I hit mile 2 in 8:19 and was still slowly passing people. When I hit mile 3 in 8:14, I wondered if I could finish my last mile sub – 8, and I crossed the finish line with a 7:55 final split for a total of 32:56. Not too shabby for me… When I got home, I met up with Haley for her 8 miler and still felt great. Then Steve and I worked on trimming the massive bushes surrounding our house. I’m starting to feel a little pooped.

Well, I hope to keep things up around here, so check back soon. I’m still trying to plan my races this year around my sister Steph’s wedding (and all associated festivities) and my work schedule. I think we’re going to keep things pretty low key and local. Also, I have some sweet new gear to talk about. It’s going to be a great season!


Steve Stenzel

You are so dang speedy! Nice work (at the race and on the bushes!)!!


Great to see you back! I look forward to reading about your training exploits!


Congrats on the great race! Can't wait to see the new gear!


you put my 4 miler to shame...of course mine was nothing to brag on. Congrats!!


welcome back speedy! im so impressed with you busting out a VERY quick 4 miler, then finishing an 8 miler later! yay!


Glad you're back! And whoa... look at that race time. hybernation did good things to you girl! :)