An Awesome Letter in the Mail This Week

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There will be races when you show up to the start line and know you're not in for a PR. Usually this is from being undertrained - life or injury/illness got in your way. Whatever the reason, at that point you need to finalize your race strategy. Do you aim for a PR anyway and risk falling on your face? Do you assess your training and aim for a more appropriate finish time, or do you throw time out the window and decide to enjoy yourself? For my 12th consecutive Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon earlier this month, I chose that last strategy. At 16 weeks postpartum, I wasn't anywhere close to PR shape. I had squeezed in training that would get me to the finish line, but I knew my time would not be spectacular.

In my last post, I told you how I met Shelley and how we ran almost the entire marathon together. Steve saved me a screen shot of Shelley and me hugging at the finish line:

This week, I checked my mailbox at work and found this:

A closeup of her thoughtful letter

It totally made my week! Shelley, if you ever find this, it was an honor to be your "Race Angel." I hope to see you at the start line next year!

I had a great weekend of running and in the next couple of days will hopefully get together a post for the race I snuck in yesterday.



That is absolutely awesome! :)


That is great that you found someone to share your race with!


aw sarah, this is so sweet!


Very cool story and congratulations on your dozen! :-)


Aw... that's so awesome!

Pete Williams

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