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Run Report - The Race That Almost Wasn't

This recap could also be called "Recent Ironman + Recent Pneumonia + Heat Does Not = Marathon PR." I said it wouldn't be pretty, and boy was I right. Let's just say that it was slower than my Ironman marathon split, and it felt much much worse. I think I underestimated how much time it would take for me to fully recover from IM. I got sore much earlier than usual, and although the cough was better, it was still there. My abs are quite sore from coughing while I was running.

When I decided yesterday that I would try the race today, I resolved that I would not go for time. For the first time in 7 years, this was not an A race for me. Even though my time was terrible, I'm actually happy with my performance. I started and finished it, and that was all I was going for.

The crowd was great as usual. I can't believe how many people come out to cheer. The weather was warm, about 80 degrees, and it was sunny the whole day - not my preferred race weather but nice for the race I was looking to have. I've done the course enough times to know it well, and I just tried to have fun and keep a smile on my face. The finisher shirts are sweet! Brooks brand long sleeved performance wear. It'll come in handy very soon as the weather cools. Glad I stuck it out to get it :)

My cheering section was awesome, as usual. My sis Steph, Steve, and my sister-in-law and her husband were there to cheer me on at the start. My brother Matt waited a long time to see me pass his college, and Maddy was there to cheer me on twice at the course. I can't tell you how great they all were. To top it off, Steve biked much of the course and met me at at least 10 checkpoints. He was so supportive all day. I'm not sure whether it was support or concern (probably a little of both), but I was sure glad to have him!

So... what's next? Well, for now, I'm just going to rest. I'll probably try a few easy workouts next week, maybe later this week if I'm feeling great. I've got a couple of sore spots that I'll need to nurse back. There are a lot of improvements I'd like to make on the way I trained for IM last year, and I'll probably be sitting down to figure out a pseudo game plan soon.

Pics from the marathon to come soon!


21st Century Mom

Incredible. I can't believe you did that. I mean I believe it but oh my.... running with pneumonia and running a full marathon so soon after an IM.

"Rest" is the magic word for October. Lots of rest.

Congratulations on finishing. You earned that medal!!


Well done. Running with respiratory crap is the WORST. Not to mention dead post-IM legs.

I can relate... I did an olympic-distance triathlon two weeks after IMWI (that being last Sunday). I just couldn't say no. And the t-shirt sucked!


Congrats, Sarah!!! Thanks for letting us stay the night Friday. It was great spending some time with you! Now, rest and have a wonderful week at work!

luv ya~Sara


Wow, kickass. I was at the race watching (looked for you, but alas...) - man it got hot! This has certainly been an extreme season for you weather-wise, eh? Great job on conquering 26.2 under very difficult personal conditions. Helluvajob!

My two cents: REST. Like, a lot. Like allow zero OCD into the equation. Think to yourself, "I feel like a short run!" and then don't. Your body is in need of healing (exaserbated by your out now for that to not flare up again after the marathon), and I think you'll start to feel some major overtraining issues soon if you do even short, small stuff "for fun". Especially considering that you'll have goals for IMWI '07...I'd try to get entirely away from triathlon for a bit.

Not that you asked. And not that I know a damn thing.

Great job. You're just amazing to have pulled off such a season. Very very well done!


Congratulations and I hope you're reading this in bed with your feet propped up and Steve waiting on you hand and foot!

I'm impressed that you could even finish a marathon. I tried biking that far on Saturday and came home only to crash for 2 hours afterwards! Like dog-barking, phone-ringing, and I didn't wake up crash. Time for a REST.


Great job on just finsihing the marathon. Like you I have a marathon in 3 weeks. Not sure it was a bright idea on my part. But I paid, so I'm there. Rest up, you deserve it.


glad you finished. Sometimes that is exactly what we need. I felt the same way at the 50k, I just couldn't not toe the line. Wear that finisher tech shirt with pride!


Marathon PR? Rectally?
Congrats SLS! :P


Um, yeah. Only I would get that last comment. Pharmacy nerds unite!


Glad you got through that race. Rest up and come back stronger for IM WI '07.

Ugh to anonymous' comment. I hope I don't need to examine a marathon in that manner. Ever.