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Gonna Give it a Try

This morning, I decided. I have been going back and forth all week, so I haven't posted since I had no idea what I'd be doing tomorrow. I still haven't completely eradicated my cold. I went for a run on Monday, and when I couldn't even make it 3 miles without coughing out both of my lungs, I decided to decide on Thurs. Thursday came and went, and I still hadn't decided. When I woke up this morning, I decided that I wouldn't do it. I went down to the expo just in case and decided that I'm gonna give it a go. It likely won't be pretty.

I don't even know if I will finish, but I've never skipped a start line. I just can't bring myself to miss this one. I am feeling a little better. The antibiotics have started to kick in. I'm not going for time, and for the first time since my first marathon, I just want to finish. I know that if I can pull this off, it will be a blast. It is their anniversary celebration, and there will be tons of excitement to keep me occupied for 4+ hours.

I'll give you a report, good or bad, but for now, number 1855 will be towing the line at 8 am!


21st Century Mom

That is very brave of you - I hope an extra 24 hours on antibiotics will have you feel fit and ready.


Good luck- hope you feel OK out there and have a good time!

Lance Notstrong

Hope everything went well for you.


You finished! Yay!

Now for crying out loud SIT DOWN AND REST!!!! :) ha ha