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A Fork in the Road

In an effort to get myself revved up again for the upcoming race season, I've been finalizing my race schedule for the next year. I should have all of the kinks worked out tonight because I'm meeting with my other residents to negotiate our weekend schedule after Jan 1st. When I was looking up the dates for my prospective races, I discovered that 2007's Twin Cities Marathon will fall on my birthday. Hmm...

After this past year, I swore that a marathon 3 weeks after Ironman just wasn't worth it. Now I'm just wondering... I'd like to get your opinion, so I will present the pros and cons.

- The 2007 marathon will be 4 weeks after Ironman. This year's was only 3 weeks post IM.
- It's on my birthday - what a fun way to celebrate! I ran my second marathon on my 21st birthday, and it was a blast.
- There's a good chance that my sister Steph will be signing up for the first time this year. I'd love to be able to run it with her.
- Being a week later next year may mean a little cooler weather. 50 degrees is much more agreeable to me than 70+.
-Presumably, I won't have pneumonia next year. It certainly complicated things this year.
- Streaks! This would be my 8th one in a row.
- Steve's all for it. He already told me he thinks I should do it.
- Who knows what the family planning situation will be in 2008. I may not be in a state to run marathons...

- Running the marathon on top of IM this past year greatly extended my need for recovery time.
- Um, this year wasn't exactly a PR.
- I would run the race just because I could and may take the spot away from someone whose dream it is to someday run a marathon.

I dunno. I'm just putting my thoughts down for now. I won't actually have to decide until the beginning of May this spring. Any thoughts out there?


Steve S.

Are you saying we're having a child sometime in the winter of 08/09?!? That's news to me!


I like your hubby's comment above.. :)

I was not planning to sign up for Chicago marathon, 4 weeks after IM also. But then it's some kind of anniversary thing. PR or not it is always fun (yet painful) to run a marathon in your home town. So I guess I'm doing Chicago again.


OOOOOH! Why are you tempting me like this?

Chicago, or Twin Cities? Chicago, or Twin Cities?


Or, I might be knocked up. That will make my decision quite easy. :)

21st Century Mom

I was astonished that you ran that marathon just after IM Moo and with a case of pneumonia. But you did do it.

If you could just run this one for fun, not for time then it might be fun. If you try to run it for time - not so much fun. That's my guess.


Knowing how I cherished my post-IM recovery time, I wouldn't do it. BUT, you seem to a) really want to (look at the lengthy list of pros vs. short list of cons), and b) be able to maintain the focus and intensity necessary to complete astonishing feats right on top of each other.

Plus, streaks are too good to break... Go for it!


I vote for "Do it". You don't have to "race" every race. You can spend the day with your sister. Bring your camera and your cell phone. You won't be running too fast if you are txt-ing your friends all morning...


I personally wouldn't do it, but that's just me being me.

Hmm, you've listed more pros than cons...

annie l.

Um sarah i was a little confused by your last con:"not know what the family planning situation will be in 2008. I might not be in state to run marathons."


I dunno if you are moving but i can tell you now there are going to be some SERIOUS issues between us if you ever move out of state...just to let you know!

.....please dont leave me... :(

or if you mean physical state of having babies i am sooooo up for that I WANT TO BE AN AUNT...gosh how i love babies...

Lance Notstrong

Do it and run with your sister. You don't have to go for a PR at every event.


Hell yes do it. Of course do it. Why wouldn't you do it? Y'only live once, says I! And if you can do it with your sister, it's all the sweeter.