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What Two Triathletes Get Each Other for Christmas...

First of all, happy holidays everyone! We were busy preparing for and going to six (yes I did say six) Christmases, so the posting is a little late.

So what do two triathletes get each other for Christmas? Well, since I got Tony this past summer, there were no presents under the tree for me this year. He's still in the entry way of our house, though (I can't bear to send him out to our garage), so I could just look over and think of all of the great rides we'll have this year.

I got Steve a wetsuit for his upcoming races this year. He still has to model it for me. I also got him a huge tub of Carbo-Pro. It won't take long for the two of us to use it up! The Triathlete's Guide to Mental Training was wrapped up and under the tree. We both can use a little help in that department! Oh, and I got him an ornament, something that sings and dances. Overall, it was an awesome Christmas. I've already got ideas for tri Valentine's Day presents:)

Below is our failed attempt at getting our cats to dress up for Christmas. Steve posted our "good" picture.

You can tell they're thrilled. Yes, those are footed pajamas. Kids' size XL. I think they are making kids' clothes bigger than they used to. I haven't worn that size since 5th grade.

Happy New Year everyone!



OMIGOD! You guys are wearing onesies!!! Too funny...

Merry Christmas. :)


I was wondering if they still made pajamas like that for adults. I might have to start shopping in the kids section.

Cool tri gifts to each other this year. Time for 2007 and IMoo.

happy holidays.


I'm glad your cats insisted on maintaining their dignity. Their humans are wearing footie jammies - that's enough for one family! :) (You will never see photos of the Teletubby pjs I sport.)

Happy New Year!


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Good luck next year!


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