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Message That Made Me Smile Yesterday

Um, hi. this is Matt from your local bike shop, and, well, I think your bike's rear wheel needs its bearings replaced. It's probably gonna cost another $25. Just give us a call and let us know if it's OK to go ahead. (pause) Looks like this bike's got a LOT of miles on it.

Yes, yes it does.


Steve S.

May I say, for having all those miles on her, Louise is looking pretty fine!


In Texas, we would describe your bike as "rode hard and put away wet." Poor little philly.


Greyhound - my brother says that ALL the time! I just thought it was a gross brother thing to say, not an entire state!


I think that's a pretty cool compliment. I'm ashamed to say nobody's EVER said that about my bike!


D'ja get those mild-dud bearings cleaned up?

Lance Notstrong

Tell him it's an "Iron" bike :-)


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What the...that was some weird spam comment there.

Hey Pharmie! Race numbers are up!


There is another rode hard comment but it is naughty!

Get your number yet?


What's up with that weird comment?

Great message! I got something similar when I dropped my bike off to be tuned up. They said it was too new to need that extensive of a tune-up, then looked at the mileage on my odometer and changed their oppinion.

I definitely want to meet up with you and Steve in Madison!


Came across your Blog and wanted to say good luck this weekend. Cant wait to read about your race report. We will be in Madison cheering you all in Sunday and hope to sign up for IMWI 2008 Monday. Have a great race! Kat~


I thought that was the naughty one, but I have a warped mind ;)

Well, here we go again eh? Can't wait to see you :)