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Taper Nutrition

More on Ironman in a day or so. Just finished work and gotta get home to get in a short ride. Steve and I went to the Minnesota State Fair this week and indulged. Not as much as we could have, but we indulged. Final count: Itialian fried zapollis (sp?) with canolli cream inside, a huge piece of turkey jerkey, a strawberry malt, breadsticks with cheese and sauce, a pronto pup (that was all Steve, I couldn't eat one of those things), oh and the COTTON CANDY.

Hey, we could have gotten much crazier. It ended up being just over $20 for our night of junk food...enough to last us another year.



That's my kind of eating. I went to a small carnival myself and indulged somewhat..

That should gives us enough sugar for raceday.. Hopefully see the both of your before race day..

Steve S.

"Enough to last us another year?!?!" Are you kidding? Let's go back and eat MORE right now!!!


That's awesome. I wonder if you could pack cotton candy into gel flasks? Or, better yet, tape some to your top tube for a pleasant refresher on the bike. Brilliant!


That Steve takes some really cool pics; it looks like you're blowing smoke.

Love fair food. Did they have any roast beef sundaes? MMmmm


Wow, that looks great!
Way to enjoy yourself.
Good luck.