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St. Paul Winter Carnival Half Marathon Sherpa Report and "Winter" Running in Minnesota

Saturday was the St. Paul Winter Carnival Half Marathon. A month or so ago, I had planned on running it, but my longest run in the past month has only been 8 miles. I knew I wouldn't have a problem finishing, but I've done plenty of runs lately because I can, not because I'm ready. Plus, I was really excited to e Steve break 1:30 - his "crazy goal time." He wasn't sure he could do it. I knew better :) We got there about an hour early, and while Steve stretched, I snapped photos and looked for other bloggers. We saw Jeremy pretty early on, and IronGirlNyhus spotted me near the start line. IronMomJenny wasn't far behind her. We stopped for a quick photo before the start with one of their friends. I feel terrible that I can't remember her name!.

After the gun went off, I started out for my own run. I had hoped to go 8 or 9 miles, but some quick mental math and I realized that I may not make it back to see Steve finish, so I backed it off and only went 7.5. My legs were a little hashed from a couple of hill workouts in spinning class Wednesday and Friday anyway. I wanted to make sure I was at the finish line with plenty of time to spare just in case Steve way exceeded his goal, so I got there 10 minutes early. He was right on time, though, and he finished 1:29:13. I knew he could do it! I'm so happy that someone in our house is fast! We waited around for a while, and it wasn't long before Jeremy crossed the finish line. IronGirlNyhus came in a little while later, but I didn't get to see Jenny finish. By then most of my body was frozen, and I needed to warm up. Sorry Jenny!

Today it was 40 degrees! I managed to only work an 8 hour day and made it home with daylight to spare. I donned my hawt new running skirt and was soon out the door for a tempo run. At the turn around, I was overheating a little, and by the time I got home, I was in short sleeves too. I got a couple of crazy looks, but it did make my splits faster. I negative split my return by about a minute. Tomorrow we're back to normal January. It's supposed to cool off 40 degrees in the next 24 hours and be below 0 by tomorrow at this time.



"Sherpa Report" - ha! That's awesome. Great work on race support and your own run. And, glad to have you back in the World Wide Wilderness. I missed you!


Very high on the list of things of which I am in favor are running skirts. I am solidly "pro" running skirt.

Pity that around here they are stashed away when it is 40 degrees or we would have 12 month running skirt conditions.


That is a fine bunch of women you have in that group photo and I LOVE the sushi hat.


Great race report! I thought about doing the 5k but I stayed in bed instead. Maybe next year!

Steve Stenzel

You said "hawt."

I don't know if we can be married anymore.


hope steve forgives you.

good to read your entries again...


I hope you made sure your hubby wore some descent undies at the race this time..

Running in shorts/skirt even at 40 degrees. Still a little chilly for me..


That is a great pic!!!

Steve really tore it up. Your hubby is a Bad Bad Man!

He's Superbad.

Iron Girl Nyhus

The "other" girl is Erin :) Hey, I got my car stolen once too a few years back... we'll have to swap stories sometime! Good to see the both of you on Saturday... we'll have to plan a run or something soon.