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I Want My Belly Button Dimple Back! You Can Keep the Porno Boobs.

Well, It's winter, and I've put on my usual layer of Christmas cookie chub. The extra layer usually just makes me extra curvy, and it goes away in the spring. At least it usually does. But my metabolism isn't the same as it was a couple of years ago, and my activity level while I'm at work is basically nil since I'm on the computer so much. All of this plus no Ironman training have me a little worried that the chub may be a little harder to take off this year.

A couple of days ago, I noticed that my "second belly button" is getting smaller. It's an indent right above my regular belly button where the muscles come together. I've always been pretty proud of it, and I want it back! Here's a pic of my abs from a couple of years ago. The face has been removed because, well, let's just say we were in Mexico, I'd had a couple of frosty beverages, and the resultant expression in the pic was not flattering.

If you look close, you can see my second belly button.
It's always been one of my secret goals to get a 6 pack. I may have had one briefly in high school. Not really sure if it's possible, but I at least want my old abs back! My sister's boyfriend seems to think that 6 packs don't belong on girls. Anybody else got an opinion?
As you may have guessed from the title, the winter curviness has occurred everywhere. This may make Steve happy, but it's not too much fun to squeeze into a sports bra that was hard to breathe in in the first place. Those girls gotta go.
I'm super excited that my marathon training starts in 4 weeks! I'll talk more about the plan later. It's really going to focus on speed, and it only requires 3 days of running per week - perfect for triathletes. The last couple of years have been spent running for the sake of logging miles. I'm excited for my runs to have a purpose again. That means intervals, though. Ugh. I haven't done running intervals in years, and tonight I start at them again. Wish me luck!



girls and six packs are definitely awesome. but then again i dont think there are that many things that dont go well with girls!


6-packs on hot chicks are good. Don't want to go overboard of course...but a little six-pack action is solid.


Janet Jackson had really nice abs at one point. And she looked hot. I think it's harder for females to develop the six-pack, but more power to you!

Taconite Boy

wow...Tac got more then he planned on visting your blog today.



Six packs on females are great....I can't seem to develop mine tho no matter what kind of stomach exercises I do! I think the key is lots of lower-ab stuff!
Good look great in the photo!


Six packs on girls... Mmmmmm. :)


my goal this year is to get a 6 pack for a day, take a photo for evidence, and then never worry about muscular abs again :)


I didn't say six packs don't below to Linder girls always miss quote stuff.

I just said I don't necessarily find them attractive. Like, I don't see a six pack on a girl and go 'WHOOA she is hot!'.

If I had to give them each a ratting...
Flat stomach=HOT!
Six pack=ok
Slender curves=cute!
Ripped out=EWWW (any woman who can bench press me - no thanks)


Ok if you want the PT talk and function: A 6 pack tho it looks good really isnt the key to good/strong LOWER abs and pelvic stability. So, ego's aside, you can really really help your core (and your overall pelvic stability) if you work lower abs/pelvic floor (which you wont see in the mirror. hopefully!)and let the 6 pack happen if your genes allow. Amen. Enough from me on that:)
But the pic looks cool anyways!