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3 Words:

Four Day Migraine

Great Run Sunday

No Workouts Since

Been Sleeping Lots

Saw Doctor Yesterday

Puked Last Night

Slightly Better Today

After Taking Drugs

Really Good Drugs

Long Run Tomorrow

Should Be Interesting

Last 20 Miler

Pray For Me!

I think that about says it all. Steph and I had an awesome run on Sunday. It was a nice easy 15 miler after we were home all weekend for Mike's graduation party and commencement. We made it home in time to catch the drunken messy end of Grand Ole Day, one of St. Paul's city celebrations. It's basically a huge party with lots of frosty beverages, and I actually like to run down Grand Ave during the cleanup when most people have gone home. Since we didn't get to partake in the party, we still got to see the aftermath. People were cheering for us and giving us high fives during most of our run. It also proved to be quite an obstacle course, since not everyone is coherent enough to look out for other people on the sidewalk. A huge bonus was that unopened bags of ice were just laying on the sidewalk melting. We opened a couple of them up to sneak ice for under our hats and to eat. It was my first 80 + degree long run, and who knows what Grandma's will bring in a couple of weeks. We were happy to have a little run course assistance out there though :) The IT band held up just fine.

I had high hopes for getting in some swim and bike workouts this week, but I guess it just wasn't in the cards. Monday I took it easy and figured I'd resume my workouts on Tuesday, but I think you git the drift from my 3 words above. I've never had a full fledged migraine before, and I hope I never get one again. I have barely been able to survive work. When I get home, all I can do is sleep, and nothing has been able to take away the pain. I can't read. I can't work out. All I've been able to do is sleep and watch TV, but that's only fun for a little while. Wow do I have new sympathy for people who get these chronically. After visiting the MD yesterday, I was able to get some heavy duty meds, and although things still aren't back to normal today, I am feeling a little better. Maybe a weekend away from computer screens and fluorescent lights will do me some good. Speaking of computer screens, time to say goodbye to mine before I really stop making sense!



I hope you feel better!

Good Luck on the 20 miler!


Aww. that sucks!! Have you any idea of what triggered it? It might help to think back and see if you ate something new or did something different. I have them lots (managed right now)but they are a pain all of their own. Dark room. No noise. No light. No food. I put a frozen face cloth on my head and just sleep. The you have that awful headache hangover for a while after. Make sure you drink lots as I have had them triggered by running in the heat before. Be well!!


Bummer about the migraine! I totally sympathize - I was diagnosed with chronic migraine about 12 years ago (I'd get up 3-5 a week, bad enough I have passed out from them and can't drive once one starts) but they're managed now (1-3 a month). Missed my first-ever attempt at 5 miles today due to one.

I can't take the good drugs right now due to breastfeeding; I know it sounds lame but Excedrin often works surprisingly well in a pinch.


Just found your blog from your hubby's! He left a comment, so I wanted to wish you the best of luck on your run!!!! Have fun!