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Quick Marathon Update

Well, no PR for me this time around. Full story later, but for now, the basics:

Felt good for the first mile, then the side stiches started.

Side stitches for the next 25.2 miles.

Legs felt great, mentally I felt strong, but 25.2 miles of feeling like someone was stabbing me in the gut wasn't that much fun.

Finishing time: 4:52:05.

Good thing I've got another chance this year :)


Jumper 2.0

You and your hubby ate something wrong. He either had more of it or it just affected him more.

I was tracking you. You did great, especially for having side stitches.

Steve Stenzel

You'll totally rock TC!! I know a chicken, a pig, and a cow that will make sure of it!

Nice job in the heat on Saturday!!


Way to go, Pharmie....side stitches SUCK.


Dude, you were exactly 10 seconds ahead of me. I wonder if I saw you on the course??

Wait. What was your gun time? My chip time was 4:52:15...but gun time was 5:00:02.

In any case - congrats. :)


"Hi, my name is Pharmie and I've run NINE MARATHONS."

"Yeah, that's right, I said NINE."

You rock!!!!!!

So excited to see ya this weekend! Rest up! :)


Way to fight through the side stiches!

Let's kick the crap out of TCM!


You did fabulous, side stitches and all! Enjoy some rest for a little while!


Can't wait to see you this weekend. Next Marathon and I'll be right next to you!!!!! See you Friday!


Nice job finishing your 9th marathon... amazing!

Rural Girl

Hey girl! You've done nine marathons? Holy crap!

Side stitches suck. Why exactly do they happen? I think it's when I go out too fast without a proper warmup.

Can't wait to catch up again at WIBA. See you and crazy man soon!


Great job on the marathon..

Side stiches are never NO fun..Way to push through it.


Ugh. Side stitches are the worst! But congratulations on another finish!


Congrats on another marathon! Wooo-Hooo! Way to hang in the race. I would have dropped out because I am a wimp.