How NOT to Feel Like a Rock Star

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1. Race Steelhead du the week before.
2. Do no workouts for 5 days.
3. Realize that you have a marathon in less than 2 months and attempt to do a 14 miler as per your training schedule. Notice I say attempt, because it will be highly unsuccessful. There may be walking at the end since your legs are obviously not recovered from your race a week ago. Your husband worries and drives out to make sure you're not dead. Thankfully, you beat him home. This particular step is about as much fun as going to the gynecologist. Next week's 17 miler should be loads of fun.
4. Promise your husband that if he keeps you company on a long ride on Sunday, he can draft behind you. Because up to this point, his long ride was 40 miles.
5. Wake up sore on said Sunday. Quickly realize that your husband won't be the one drafting.
6. Stick to his back wheel like nasty old gum under a church pew. Know that if you slow down, you'll never make it home.
7. You now have successfully completed a 60 mile bike before Sunday morning church, so eat a bunch of cinnamon rolls and take a nap!

Well, it wasn't quite that bad, but yesterday's ride was hard, and our average on the bike wasn't stellar. I'm not too great at this whole recovery thing. I did the same thing at WIBA just a week after Grandma's Marathon. I just haven't officially dialed in on how long I need to fully recover after a long race. Practice makes perfect, right?

On a separate note, is anyone else out there TOTALLY addicted to the Olympics?



If steve drafts you this week, can I draft him?

Steve Stenzel

Are you calling me a "church pew"?!?


YEP, totally addicted to the Olympics!!!! Gonna be a loooong 2 weeks!

At least you can draft off your husband - mine just disappears into the distance!! Not very inspiring at all...

Well done on the training, even if it was tough!


I had the choice between watching the Packers tonight and Women's beach volleyball.....I so love women's beach volleyball.

Olympics rule.

Nice bike ride too. I know the sore legs feeling and the point where you realize you are hurting but too late to do anything about it. Mental toughness for sure.


You are crazy!! I love this post. It has me laughing in my cubicle much to the chagrin of my lame co-workers.


Get some rest, sounds like you need it.. Marathon two months away, you've got time..

yeah, the olympics, pretty cool, they actually showed bike road racing, that was cool to watch.


1) Yes, When does Dara Torres get some air time?!
2)Ice bath ice bath ice bath and massage:)
3)Just remember spinning in the Y is worse than any of the stuff you just wrote about:) Ok not THAT bad, but you get my point!


Even if they were tough, they were good workouts! Way to go, and probably lesson learned right?!

I am addicted to the Olympics, but was bummed that there was not tri coverage. Guess it's not that big!


I am so addicted at this point that I have to start weening myself now, or have to deal with full fledged shaky withdrawal at the end of the week. What will I do without my Shawn, Nastia, Michael? Who will I have to scream at if not the Chinese cheating gymnasts?

P.S. Is it me, or do cinnamon rolls sort of make everything better?

Rural Girl

NOLA, eh?! I am so excited.