I'd Rather Be Ironman Training

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... because at least then I'd be on taper by now, and I'd have a rockin in-shape body. Instead, I've become a marshmallowey book worm.

The past two summers have been spent training for Ironman. The end of summer has meant that Ironman was approaching, and all of my training would soon pay off. This year, there is no Ironman. I thought it would mean a more relaxed summer, but then I signed up for THE TEST. I will be taking my BCPS exam October 4th, the day before I run TCM. BCPS stands for Board Certified Pharmacotherapy Specialist. It has consumed my entire summer. I've been studying for this test since the middle of June, and it's going to get worse before it gets better. I can't really explain to people why I'm taking it. It's just more letters to put behind my name. It will give me a little edge over my colleagues when applying for jobs, but nearly every clinical pharmacist has this extra certification, so I guess it'll just put me at the same level as them. At any rate, I've been spending 10-15 hours a week studying, and it has left little room for any sort of workouts. The sad part is that a lot of people don't pass this test the first time, and just like Ironman, I know that even with lots of preparation, there's a possibility that I won't pass. Lots of really good pharmacists don't.

I've been a weekend warrior when it comes to workouts, trying to get my long rides and long runs in, but that's about it. I'll be winging it at Square Lake next weekend. It's been the story of the summer. I trained for Grandma's, but for Lifetime and Steelhead, I just showed up. The funny part was that I didn't fare too bad at either of them. I guess we'll see what happens at Square Lake next weekend.

Since Twin Cities Marathon is the day after this 8.5 hour exam, I think I'm changing my goal from sub 4:00 to around 4:20 or 4:30 - my usual finishing time. I'm totally taking that Monday off!

2009 will be different. I'm looking forward to not having this dang test hanging over my head. I was a bit burnt out after two years of IM training, and I'm really excited to start actual training again. I know it sounds funny that 2 marathons, 2 70.3s, a du, and an oly is taking it easy for the year, but it really has been low-key. Like I said, I've been winging it.

That said, needing a little incentive to train again and giving in to peer pressure, I signed up for this. Bring on 2009! But first, I've got a 70.3, an 8.5 hour exam, and a marathon in the next 5 weeks.


Jumper 2.0

New Orleans, bring it on.

I have looked at the course and I have to say, I love the swim. What an excellent way to do a 1/2 ironman swim by being no more than 30 yards from the shore (for a newbie such as me).

I am considering it. Not only because of the blogger talk but because it would be doing a little part of spending money in NO to help their economy.

We'll see.

Good luck with all 3 of your endurance events this next 5 weeks. (I think a 8.5 hour exam qualifies as endurance)


Woot! Bring on half-IMNOLA! What a party that is going to be.

But not before the TC Mary and your test. Study hard!


Study Study Study!


Geesh and I thought I was busy. Good luck with the exam.


Get through that studying....




pharmie, my coach wants me to sign up for New Orleans 70.3 as my 2009 start of the season A race!!!!!!!


Best of luck with the BCPS!!! I'm sure you'll do great! And yay for signing up for New Orleans 70.3. What a great way to start your season!!!


Next year you'll be so refreshed and have so much fun training! I'm debating between New Orleans or California Half. I guess if I wait too long Cali will fill. Hopefully the water in New Orleans will be a LOT warmer than oceanside.

Rural Girl

I'm so glad you're coming to NOLA!
I wish you lots of smarts on your test, not luck because you don't need that! You're dedication will pay off.


You're almost there baby, there's a light at the end of the study tunnel!! Kick butt on that test, you're totally going to rock it. And I CAN'T WAIT to hang out with you at NOLA!

Best of fun at your coming up races here too, you've got it all in the bag sister :)


I'd heard rumors of a Naaawlins race - that is SO COOL!!!


IM-NO!! BRING IT, with all the new letters behind your name!!