Back From The Big Easy!

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First, an apology for a complete lack of blogging. After the tonsil and migraine incidents, I got back into training but lacked some of the confidence that I had before I was sidelined for a week. Then Steve and I dove into yet another home improvement project. It seems we manage to take one on each time we've got a big race coming up. It wasn't anything huge, we just redid our guest room, but it took much longer to complete than I had anticipated. We refinished the floor, painted everything (including the closet and radiator!), put in new fixtures, pulled down the crappy shelving, and got some super cute bedding. Come visit if you're looking for a visit to a northern climate!

We got back from New Orleans yesterday, and it's been all sorts of unpacking and tidying since then. My baby sister, who is 18, had her tonsils out today, so I drove down to the hospital to be with her for a few hours today. Back to work tomorrow, so this will be the Cliff Notes version with more detail to come later.

I PR'd! Well, only by 5 minutes, and that's because my two half iron distance races were not very official last year. Steelhead was changed to a du, and the bike at Square Lake was a bit short at around 54.5 miles.

I had a blast meeting some of the pros, and there were other pro sightings all weekend.

I had the BEST time hanging out with all of the Team Evotri folks. I literally laughed all weekend. They are such an inspirational group, and they are so speedy! Steve and I have known some of them for almost 3 years now, and we enjoyed getting to know some of the newer members even better.

I got sunburned... again. This is not something I'm proud of. We slathered on lots of sunscreen before the race, but I need to work on applying it 1-2 more times during the race. Two days later, it's still painful, and my hands are swelled up with pitting edema, I think from the inflammation. It's super gross.

I ate delicious food, lots and lots of tasty food - shrimp, fish, beignets, pasta, and more peanut butter than I care to admit.

I think for the most part, my training prepared me well for this race. I obviously wasn't racing at end of the summer caliber, but for a long course race at the beginning of April, I really didn't do too bad. Details to come!



Congrats on a great race! I just started reading your blog so I'm glad to see you posting again- and with such great news. Looking forward to reading the full report!


a pr is always AWESOME! great job!


Awesome job Sarah!

So is that invite for the guest bedroom open to all. :-)

Steve Stenzel

I hope your burn gets better!

Nice work in NO!!!

JP Severin

brilliant. a PR on that day is absolute magic. It was kick butt hanging out with you this wknd!


You SO rocked it out there!! We're going to have to find you some good sunscreen for WIBA though -- OUCH.


Hope your sunburn gets better!
Gerat job on the PR!


A PR is a PR! Great job Pharmie!


Great job Sarah - you PR'ed in April! That's awesome! I saw some of Steve's pictures. Seems like you had a great weekend. Would you recommend the race? We're thinking of doing it sometime in the future.

Rural Girl

I never really laugh as much as I do when we all get together. I'm a junkie now. When is my WIBA fix?


It's been great reading everyone’s race reports... I'm so jealous! Congrats on the PR!