Spring is FINALLY here!

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I know I've been saying it for weeks. Every time the temp rises above 50 I get excited. This week it looks like it may actually be here :) It hit 70 degrees, and the highs aren't supposed to be less than 50 for the next week. YAHOO!!! Wednesday I got a 6 mile run in - my longest run since NOLA 70.3. I felt slow and out of shape, but when I started timing myself, I realized that I was actually going faster than usual. It was a beautiful run. Summit Ave was FULL of bikers, runners, and walkers, and it made me feel so blessed to live in a city that welcomes physical activity.

Last night, I went for a bike ride with my sister Steph. She just got a new bike around a month ago, so I was showing her some more routes to take instead of the usual heavy traffic leisure exerciser's path. We ended going 27 or 28 miles. Our average wasn't stellar, but that's because I was stopping every few miles to say, "Now if you were to turn this way, you'd be heading to ..." I love dragging my siblings into biking! My brother Matt and I have gone on lots of rides together, but he's getting too fast for me, so he and Borsch went together last night. Two siblings down, two to go!

Tony, my tri bike, is still in New Orleans. Steve and I had them shipped to Bicycle World down there for the race. Everything went swimmingly. When we returned them to the bike shop's tent after the race, they said that we should expect them last Friday, today at the latest. I called today because we hadn't heard anything and I was worried that UPS had lost them along the way. They haven't even shipped them yet. At first I was relieved that they were still on their way, but when I realized that we have a RACE next weekend, I called them back to inform them that they cannot ship them any later than Monday. I don't want to do the race on my old slow road bike. I'm crossing my fingers.

Maybe it's the nice weather. Maybe I'm getting sick of being stuck in traffic. Maybe I'm excited about the new secure corral they built at my job, but I'm seriously considering biking to work several times a week this summer. It wouldn't really save time, and since it's only 5 miles each way, I wouldn't be saving a ton on gas, but I could probably stand to lose the extra 300 calories per day, and Lord knows I could use some better biking legs!



So glad you got out to enjoy this beautiful weather. It's finally warm enough for mere mortals like me to get on the bike. I agree- it's very exciting!