The Preggo Athlete, Take 2

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Quick update: I'm still running but slowing down dramatically. I'm running out of running partners. Thankfully, a few of my friends have been taking pity on me and are still joining me for a run here and there. I never mind running by myself, but my new slow pace definitely drags it out.

Up until this week, I have been totally fine with the weight gain and the changes my body is going through. I weigh myself several times a week. I know a lot of women just don't want to know, but I have taken comfort in knowing that my weight gain is very normal. I just laughed when I surpassed Steve last week. This week however, I stepped on the scale and had gained FOUR POUNDS in 7 days. I honestly don't even know how that's possible. I mean I am hungry ALL OF THE TIME. Hungry like I've never been hungry. I have run 12 marathons and trained for 2 Ironmans and more 70.3s than I can really count right now, but I have NEVER been this hungry. It's insane. Still, how I could eat and/or drink enough to equate to four pounds is beyond me. Plus, ladies and gentlemen, that puts me significantly ahead of "average." Now I know a lot of people view pregnancy as a time to eat whatever they want and not have to move for 10 months. My view has been that I am trying to grow a healthy baby. That involves gaining weight - a lot of weight (25-30 pounds by most resources), but it doesn't give me any free passes. I'm eating my fair share of sweets, but I've also really ramped up the fruits and veggies. I know it'll come off a lot slower and harder than I put it on.

I think everybody hopes to be the cute preggo woman who grows a watermelon in the front and no anchor weight in the back, but it's becoming apparent that that's not me. I don't feel huge (yet), and I've actually gotten a lot of complements on my growing bump, but it all came to a head last night. I burst into tears and apologized to Steve for having let myself go. His response? "You're pregnant. You're not chubby." Then he gave me a big hug and tucked me into bed. He's great. He's been great through this whole process. Still, he hasn't gained a single sympathy pound. I've more than once wished he could carry our baby, but then I remember what he eats and am reassured that it's probably best if I do it!

I went for a run at the dome tonight, and I just wasn't feeling it. I often have to talk myself into getting started and sometimes even to get through the first mile or two, but tonight after two miles, I wasn't feeling better, so I called it quits. I have a long run this weekend to be rested up for. Early bedtime for me tonight. One more day left in the work week!

Just so I don't sound completely whiny, here are a few things I'm truly thankful right now:

* A husband who is more supportive than I ever could have imagined. I'm getting pretty spoiled :)

* An awesome family who is just as excited as we are.

* Still being able to run at this point, even if it is slow. Steve's still out with his Achilles injury. So far my body's holding up OK!

* Baby kicks. It's pretty fun to feel him/her going to town in there. Baby is especially active after workouts. Not sure if it's telling me that it likes the workouts or it's mad at me for bouncing all over the place.

* Getting to the point where I definitively look pregnant and not just extra chubby.

* Knowing I'll have most of the summer off - it's a welcome thought after such a long, snowy winter!

* I can still tie my shoes. I have heard that won't last forever.


Laura Wheatley

CONGRATS again!! I love preggo updates, I'm secretly really looking forward to being a pregnant athlete one day- I LOVE the updates I'm getting from you and Cara as well as those I got from Heather!

Keep them coming, and I'm glad to hear that you are still able to run comfortably and that you are staying healthy!

Much happiness to you, Steve, and BABY!


Steve's right - you're pregnant, not fat. Don't stress about the weight gain. Eat healthy, eat as much as you want (it's your body's way of telling you that you need the calories).

You want a healthy baby, right?

Then think about that and not how you look. There will be plenty of time to take the weight off once baby's here.

Jephy's Mom

Just wanted to let you know that baby weight isn't always hard to get rid of.

When I was breastfeeding I weighed less than I did in high school with absolutely no effort at all. I know that some ladies have trouble getting rid of baby weight but that is not always the case. Don't worry.


I was going to say exactly what Jephy's Mom just did. Weight dropped right off with breastfeeding -- and that was with eating constantly (I'm talking a pound of peanuts a week, BETWEEN meals!). By the time boy #2 turned one, I was actually 5-10# below pre-pregnancy weight. Don't worry about the weight.

That said, you probably know that pre-eclampsia, which is more of a problem in late pregnancy, can cause dramatic weight gain due to water retention. So if your weight jumps dramatically and your feet are swelling, or your BP is elevated, that's something important to discuss with your doc/midwife.


I love these updates too! I think it's important to keep everything real, just like you are doing! Everybody cringes as the weight creeps up, but you are staying active and will be back to yourself in no time...only you will be a mommy when you get there!! hang in there and keep it up.

Around the Page

I so hear you on the hunger - I got so tired of being hungry when I was pregnant, but your body is most likely asking for the calories. Your metabolism is clicking along like crazy, and you are still exercising - I'd say go with it. You may go another week or two without gaining anything.

And I'll echo the above comments, sometimes the weight falls off really easily, although the last 5 pounds didn't fall off for me until after I finished breast feeding (happened with both of my kiddos).

And can I just tell you how how happy you are going to be to have your body back once the baby is here? The first few times back where you realize what all you don't have to worry about when you are exercising? Pure heaven. :)


I love the updates Pharmie and I'm sure you look like the cute pregnant lady! I'm so impressed with your running and love following your journey!

And I love hearing that Steve is super supportive... although we didn't expect anything else!


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Ms. Caddywumpus

It's not necessarily scientific, but it's my observation that weight gain is somewhat genetic. In my family, we typically gain 20-ish pounds, whether we start out at a healthy or heavy weight. And we always turn out good-sized babies!
Also, weight gain isn't always constant - while big gains might be a bit unsettling, it's not abnormal, nor is it an indication that it will continue. Our bodies and babies are way smarter than we are...your body will hang on to what it needs. It's your job to give it all the fuel — and the highest quality fuel — it and the baby needs. Once a week weigh ins are likely enough. Don't stress out too much about it.

Running and living

Yes, pregnancy weight gain is somewhat genetic. Don't worry about it, but eat healthy. If you keep exercising you are going to lose the weight very quickly. You may want to read James Clapp's book "Exercising through your pregnancy", he is an expert at Case Western University. His book helped me a ton when I was pregnant. I gained 40lbs, lost 35 of those by 1 months postpartum without any dieting. SO keep it up:)


I just found your blog and look forward to reading. I was an athlete all through school age, but then lost it after marriage and work found their places in my life. When I fould out I was pregnant with my first, I was 140lbs (5'7") I went crazy with eating (pop tarts and pb&j sandwiches add up calories fast) and stopped letting the doctors office weigh me after I hit 185lbs. At that point, I still had 3 weeks to go. I lost part of the weigh with breastfeeding, but didn't bother trying to lose the rest. I figured I would be getting pregnant again soon, so why bother? Lil bit #2 came around and the weight didn't fall off with breastfeeding. (And I gained MORE with #2 than I did with #1) I could go on and on, but after a wake up call from my tactless husband, I got my fat arse in gear. I am happy to report I am now under 130lbs, but it was a definate struggle. You are doing the right things for you and that baby. Keep eating, keep exercising, and keep keeping and eye on it. Take care!


I recently came upon your blog and am actually amazed we don't already know either other because we're both Twin Cities triathletes/marathoners who are currently 6+ months pregnant, and if you're by River Road I think we live in the same area. I'm due 6/5. I've been blogging a bit about pregnancy and exercise, and it's nice to know I'm not the only pregnant athlete outside running right now! (Kind of feels like it!) We're probably well-matched on running abilities at the moment--if you need a running partner let me know! I'm 1-2x per week at this point.


I often totally freaked about my weight gain when I was pregnant, and for the same reason you are: it wasn't that I was gaining weight, (I knew I had to do that) it was when I'd skyrocket like that - 2 pounds in one day, etc. I finally reached my "happy place" around 30 weeks, and did so by reminding myself that it was what the baby needed. I could eat bite-for-bite the same food one day and not gain and the next day gain 2 lbs. Well, obviously it wasn't what I was eating, so the baby needed me to gain that 2 lbs. on that day - who am I to question the baby? (The first in a long line of baby-ruled actions!)

Don't stress if you go over your 25-30 lbs, either. That was my goal, but for whatever reason, my body/the baby wanted/needed 40 lbs. I craved lots of junk, but really ate well during pregnancy, so I had to find a way to let go. I lost over half of it in the first 2 weeks after the baby was born! That's a nice thing to remind yourself when you're getting stressed, too!

Of all people, you'll be able to lose the weight. I know it is impossible, but try not to stress!


I loved this post - I really want to be just like this when I get all knocked up. I want to still be out running, and even though I know it will suck and hurt at times, I want the motivation you have to keep it going.

I read all the "don't stress" stuff, so I won't add to that (mostly because I know that I will completly lose my own mind the first day my jeans don't fit). But I totally give you credit for staying healthy and being sensible about it all.

Can't wait to read the next update!


As you slow down and get bigger, remember that you are probably "mostly baby" and will drop a LOT after giving birth!
You will find also that swimming is SO NICE as you become "more baby"-it was the only time I felt "normal" while working out.

Yesterday as I was in the pool, I was swimming next to a fit girl kicking in a two piece. As I got in and under the water I noticed she was pregnant. VERY pregnant-and ALL BABY. I had to tell her I admired her that she still wore her two piece. She looked great! (She is due in less than a month!)
Be proud of that belly! :-)


I swam a lot after I got too big to ride and run safely.
Let yourself stretch out an old speedo versus buying a maternity suit tho...they have too much material.

I swam next to a very pregnant lady last week.
She looked so cute as she was ALL BABY and wearing her speedo two piece.

You will too!