A Week By the Numbers

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Last week, I hit the six week post-partum mark. Normally, that would mean a trip to the doctor to get the all clear, but vacation with Steve's family this past week interfered with scheduling that appointment, so I'm going tomorrow. It will be nice to get into the water again. Not being able to swim is something I forgot about when I was excited to have a summer baby. Though I'm not excited to squeeze into my swim suit (currently I resemble something similar to an overstuffed sausage when I try), I am excited to actually take advantage of all of that hot weather we've been having. Pool parties and trips to the lake really aren't as fun when you've not allowed to swim. That's not to say that I'm excited to be able to swim laps again; I haven't been in the pool since I was 16 weeks pregnant. I'm afraid it's going to be a laughable event when I hop in the pool at the Y, but I've been able to at least look at my bike in the last week and am wondering if I can squeeze in a short tri before the season is over.

Running is going better. I had been run/walk alternating a few weeks ago, and I'm feeling less and less like my insides are going to fall out. I went on my first run sans stroller two weeks ago at the 5 week mark. It was crazy hot here, but I was so happy to get out that I didn't even care. My 3.5 miles were slow, but most of me felt good. I think my lower abs/upper groin atrophied quite a bit. I got in another 3.8 miler a week and a half ago. Last Sunday, at my 6 week mark, I managed to make it 5.2 miles. It felt like the last few miles of a half Ironman run. I'm a little surprised that even though I'm 25 pounds lighter than my delivery weight, my times aren't that much better. I'm still doing around 12 minute miles. I know I need to be careful how I come back. postpartum women are at increased risk for stress fractures, especially in the pelvis. I've been wearing my SI belt on my runs to help stabilize my pelvis. Hanging over my head is the fact that I signed up for the marathon again this year. I told myself when I signed up that there was no pressure to actually do it, but if I was feeling up to it, I'd love to keep the streak alive. This year would make 12 Twin Cities Marathons in a row. Well, I'm not very good about not putting pressure on myself, and I think I'm going to at least try ramping up my miles and see how I feel. The marathon is 9 weeks away. The rest of my family is signed up for the 10 mile, so it'll be a really fun weekend. Right now, my plan is to run 3 days per week dn build my endurance through lots of cross training - elliptical machine, biking, rollarblading, and swimming - anything low impact. I did get ina long rollarblading session when Steve and I were on vacation earlier this week. My in-laws volunteered to watch Henry for a couple of hours, and while Steve biked, I strapped on my blades. I covered just over 19 miles in around 1:50 and felt great.

On the Henry front, things are going...okay. He's a pretty high-maintenance baby. He's generally fussy and requires nearly constant holding or rocking or bouncing. For some reason, he LOVES to bounce. My biceps may be the first muscles I get back. A lady at LTF triathlon told me her grandbaby loved the balance ball, and that was an amazing tip. Though he doesn't technically fit the colic definition, he's close. He's crabby to the point that his auntie Steph bough him socks with crabs on them. He still loves his stroller, being outside, baths, and being naked (he is Steve's son after all). He's started smiling and talking more the past couple of weeks, which makes the crabbiness so much more bearable. Once in a while, I get a huge smile...

Update: I just finished up a 7 miler a couple of hours ago. It was rough, but it didn't feel much worse than my 5 miler last week. When I got home, I saw that our heat index is 102. Hopefully that had something to do with feeling so sluggish and slow...



Yay for seven miles! If the marathon works out, fantastic, if not, there will be plenty more marathons.

Make sure you stay hydrated in this heat. Good job, Pharmie, you're doing awesome!!!


Sarah... you are doing amazing! The comeback will be slow, but you are making great progress! Don't put too much pressure on yourself - running needs to be fun! :)

Keep up the good work momma... I'm super impressed!


That's quite the comeback you are making! I'm in awe, to say the least.

Henry sounds a lot like Miles (except for the naked part - he's seemingly against that). I can't tell you how many times I go outside to bounce him or stroll down the block with him in the sling. My neighbors must think I'm insane. Hopefully, things get better soon.


Wow.... just.... wow regarding the comeback. It may feel slow to you, but it is lightening speed compared to what the rest of us mortals are able to do! I still feel lucky to get in a 3 miler at 9 months pp! I know you know how to listen to your body, so I won't tell you to be careful. :-)

And yes, those smiles really do help, don't they?! My kiddo got a lot less crabby at 3 months, hoping for similar improvement for y'all!


Keep up the good work and be patient with your body, it will come back!

Liz C

You are doing great! I had a baby on May 8 and he's now 12 weeks old. He was also a total crab - for weeks I didn't know what "quiet alert time" was because he was never quite and alert! Always crying when awake, and could only get to sleep with bouncing on that damn exercise ball. BUT he has improved considerably and now barely cries except when tired or hungry. There were days I didn't think I'd make it...but I did! And it is SO much better!! Great job with the running, you are an inspiration.


He's a little young for colic, but a fussy baby is... a fussy baby. You're making great progress for someone who's not getting much sleep!


It sounds like you're doing an amazing job. 7 miles in this heat, 6 weeks postpartum?!?! Incredible. Think about yoga or pilates 1 day/week to work on core muscles (I say, after taking 6 weeks to recover from a groin pull). Make sure you drink LOTS of water and other good stuff, for you and the baby.

As for crabby, my experience (x2) and that of friends is that if it isn't gone by then, 12 weeks seems to be the magic age where the "afternoon fussies" disappear. You can make it!


I'd never thought of not being able to swim before.. eek! Hope Henry cheers up soon- I'm sure his parents' sunny dispositions will catch on soon! Thanks for such an honest account of mothering a newborn!


Dang Pharmie! That is some impressive mileage in such a short time! I am glad that you are starting to get back into the swing of things - be safe with the heat though!


My first was exactly like that too - super crabby but not colic. I nursed so I experimented with my diet and cut out my dairy and that helped him some. If I slipped up and had something with dairy (like 1/2 and 1/2 one morning with coffee) I would see a huge difference in his fussiness. He was never allergic to milk but it was just harder for him to process it. It seems so hard on some days but it will get slowly better. Being able to get out on your own will be a huge help to your mental stability. :)


You are doing well. Keep up the great work!


I used to use my balance ball to get my baby to sleep all the time! In my arms, little head near my neck, bounce-bounce-bounce- and he was out like a light in less than 5 minutes. Great tool!


You're doing great! If it's any consolation, I remember 6 weeks being the absolute low point in my fussy baby's first year. She had to be held/bounced/nursed CONSTANTLY. It started improving around 8 weeks, and by 6 months, she was a completely different baby! This too shall pass!