Race Week!

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Don't get any ideas that I've gone totally bonkers. It's not a race week for me, although I have been feeling a bit left out sitting on the sidelines the past couple of months. My 5K at the beginning of June helped take the edge off, but it wasn't a "real" race. I haven't had a real race since Sept of last year at Rev3 half. All of my races since then have been just for fun at a pretty easy effort. If I can ever look at my bike again, I may still try to squeeze something in yet this year. Who knows...

In the meantime, I am SUPER excited to welcome my Evotri teammates to town tomorrow to race the Minneapolis Triathlon on Saturday. I am excited for a couple of reasons. First of all, I haven't seen my Evotri peeps since last September. This year was the first year I missed WIBA. I have been there every year since it started in 2006. I was SO sad that weekend and really missed being out there, meeting new faces, and seeing old faces again. I am excited to introduce my team to Henry, and I'm excited to show off Minneapolis and St. Paul. I am very proud of the amazing multisport community we have here. I am also excited to be able to share this triathlon with them. This was my first tri ever back in 2004, and it's the only race I've ever done where the excitement and energy around it even comes close to what you can feel at an Ironman. Steve is signed up for the sprint, so Henry and I will have a lot of cheering to do!

Thanks again, everybody for your support on my last post. I know I'll feel better eventually. A lot of people ask how I'm feeling lately. My answer is always, "Oh, well, OK, I guess... considering..." How I'm really feeling? Tired, sore, and chunky. I think when those first 20+ pounds basically fell off, I was a little optimistic on how soon the rest of the weight would come off, especially since, as my mom lovingly puts it, I could basically be the wet nurse for the whole block. I know it will take work to see the rest of it come off, and I know that I need to be patient with myself. I'm still not even a month postpartum! At least the sore part is getting better. I'm still a little sore, but it's getting more bearable, and when I attempted to run a little this week, I felt a lot less like my insides were going to fall out.

On the workout front, Henry and I have gotten in a walk every day this week. It makes me feel SO much better, and he loves to sleep in his car seat. On Monday, we walked 4.5 miles (to Herberger's and back) to make a quick return. I ran the last 1/2 mile home just to see if I could, and it went OK.

Henry slept through the whole thing, as usual

On Tuesday, we met up with my (formerly) fellow preggo running partner. It was fun to meet her beautiful daughter, Zanna. Our conversation has shifted from being anxious to meet our babies to how we're dealing with being new parents. I just LOVE hanging out with her - time flies when we start talking! Here's a photo of Henry and Zanna "meeting" for the first time:

They've been running together since before they were born!

Yesterday, I suggested to Steve that he could get in an OWS and I could walk around lake Nokomis with Mr. Henry, so that's what we did. I walked just under 3 miles. I didn't get adventurous enough to try running again. I was feeling a little sore.

Post walk, rocking the BOB, a smile, and a baby pooch

Today, Henry and I walked to the bank and back - around 5 miles round trip. After the first mile, I decided to try walk/run intervals. I ran 2 minutes then walked 5. By the end of the trip, I was running 3 and walking 4. I actually felt pretty good on the run intervals, and I had to force myself to stop for the walk breaks to keep it pretty easy. Henry slept the whole time. He loves his carseat, and I love the BOB.
In total, I probably got in 25-30 minutes of running. I'll consider that a success. I can tell I'm using muscles that haven't been used in a while, especially in my lower abs and groin. By the end of my preggo running, I was barely lifting my legs when I ran - my belly was in the way. It'll take a while to get used to running with normal form again.

I'll have to post photos of our race weekend festivities. I'm sure I'll end up taking a lot. Happy weekend, everybody!



You're doing awesome, Pharmie!

My first 20 lbs fell off, then I stalled til 3 months postpartum when I started more vigorous exercise and watching what I eat (the 3 mo wait was to establish breastfeeding, and the "watch what I eat" was still a generous allowance to allow for breastfeeding). I keep reading "nine months on, nine months off". Well, I just hit 9 months, and I've still got 5 lbs to go, but that's really pretty close!

It makes sense, really, though, if we try to think about it objectively. Pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding are all extreme requirements on our bodies. It makes sense that it takes quite a while to return to our pre-pregnancy normal. But we'll get there!


Hi Pharmie
A friend pointed me to your blog (I'm 17 weeks). What BOB did you get? My husband and I have done nothing but getting that is high on our list :) Would you mind emailing me and letting me know? brianne@osbmultisport.com

Dr. TriRunner


I'm a blog-friend of Steve's... but I don't think I've met you yet. I am just finally getting around to leaving a comment on your blog to say, first of all, CONGRATULATIONS. And secondly, do you know Kim Madrid? Or her husband Martin? Both repeat Ironman (/women) racers. Because if you don't, you and Kim should definitely meet. She just delivered her second daughter, Juliana, on 6/29, which I think is right about the same time as you delivered Henry!!

Can never have to many new-mom friends. :) Just wanted to make the connection, if you two don't already know each other!

Take care,


Love the pic! They are very cute together! Amen to the nap-inducing stroller.


You look great. Of course, Henry does, too. You are doing fantastic!


Fun to see how you are doing! I dont see Steve anymore since he doesnt come to the lake with us anymore:) But i am glad you three are well and you are getting out and walking and running. I will spend a long day in teh saddle with Michelle this weekend:)


Great pix-! He is SO handsome! I had seen it on FB -especially love the one of the kids who don't know each other yet, but have been running together already! :-)

My (ex) husband and I made a baby jogger out pf bike wheels, pvc and a baby carrier. It worked for quite awhile. Little did I know we should be marketing the damn things! (hindsight sucks sometimes!)

:-) Happy trails!


Currently 39 weeks and 6 days pregnant, I've been following your blog for a while. I always look to it when I'm feeling unmotivated. Thanks for posting how much you've gained during pregnancy. Being active, I thought I might gain up to 25 lbs above my racing weight (haha), and here we are at almost 40 lbs. I can't wait to meet my little guy and start training for my next distance race. Thanks for sharing with is!