My First Postpartum Tri Race Report Coming Soon!

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I'm officially done with my maternity leave tomorrow, and to be very honest, I'm an emotional wreck today (as I have been for the last 3 weeks thinking about going back to work). I hope to get a race report up sometime soon to tell you all about my sprint tri yesterday, but today, I'm just going to enjoy being with my two favorite boys.

In short, it went WAY better than I expected. Nothing stellar, but just being out there 12 weeks to the day after giving birth is something to be pretty thankful for. The swim went about as good as it could have. The bike wasn't what I'd hoped it would be, but I forgot about the HUGE hill basically comprising the entire bike, so for having been on my bike all of 4 times now since May, I'll have to be happy with it. I pulled the run out of somewhere, and if I can find out where that was, I'll have to go looking for more. I went about 2 minutes faster/mile than what I was thinking it'd be. That could have something to do with a major mommy mishap in packing that left us with a potentially hungry baby at the finish line. Thankfully, Henry cooperated during the race!

Most importantly, I had a smile on my face the whole Day. I had SO much fun and can't wait for next year!

Stopping for a photo with Henry before the start

Out on the run

Happy Labor Day, everybody!



You are just amazing! I want to be just like you when I grow up ;)


You look FABULOUS and I'm so happy you ROCKED IT!!! And welcome to the post-preggers running blood's AMAZEBALLS. Glad to hear Steve yelled at you from me during the race!

Hang in there about going back to know my number if you need to talk! I swear the days/weeks leading up to it were DEFINITELY the worst part. Once you're there, you'll be okay, promise promise promise! Hugs! :)


Pharmie IS BACK! Awesome job. Can't wait to read the full report.

The lead up to the first daycare day is the worst. It gets so much better, I promise.


Way to go, mom! You look awesome.

Good luck at work today. I hope the buildup was worse than the actual day.


Fantastic job! You freaking rock!


yay pharmie! cant wait to read your race report!




You are awesome!