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The Glamours of IM Training

I thought that now would be a good time to throw in some gross pictures :) I've actually been really lucky so far this year in that I don't have too many gross pictures to show you.

Bike Bites

This was actually the second bite that my bike took out of this leg this year, but the first picture was so unflattering that I deleted it. It made my calf look like a tree trunk.

Toe Trauma

I have no idea how this beauty came to be. I suspect that it was caused by a small hole in my sock. I just looked down later that evening and saw it! Note: I have since given myself a pedicure, and that toenail does not look as hideous.

Bra Burn

After all that running in the heat last week, this is all I have to show for bra burn: a small one inch scab. Before I discovered the completely unflattering but AMAZING Enell sports bra, this would have been much worse. Shout out to all of the LRB users out there!

I'll keep you all posted if I have any more gross pictures for you.


Steve S.

The preceding were the reasons I married you. Please keep us updated with gross photos!


YIkes, IM is definitely not for the faint of ass.

Have a great time at the WIBA this weekend!!!


Gah! Looks like an alligator bite in that one shot woman!

You were so AWESOME this weekend, and you're totally going to kick but at IMWI. It was so great to meet everyone (your blog is totally rockin' by the way!)