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IM Moo Recap, Part 3 - An Addendum

Hooray! My home internet is again working! I finished my post in a hurry Friday (um, it still took over 2 hours), and when I got home, I realized that there were some pretty key parts that I failed to mention.

I had a smile on may face nearly the whole day. It kind of reminded me of my wedding day. I was smiling the whole time, not just when there was a camera pointed at me. The cameras I didn't see still managed to catch a smile. This was mostly due to all of the energy on the course, my cheering section, and all of the other bloggers that I knew were out there with me.

Steve and I the morning of the race. He was out in the rain the whole day to cheer me on.

Steph, Matt, and me before the race. Steph was there the whole day, too, and Matt was there for as long as he could be.

My friends Jess and Maddy were great! They seemed to be at every corner, and they had enthusiasm all day. Even when I wasn't around, they were cheering for all of the other athletes out on the course. They walked to the expo with me Monday, and they drove me home later that day. Um, yeah. I slept the ENTIRE 4 hours home. They carried my bags into my house, and they were off. More angels.

Stu! He was great. I needed him so much at the top of that hill, and he was there with the enthusiasm of a 6 year old at a birthday party. I can't wait to see him cross the finish line again next year.

OMG! Robby B - you and Kris were definitely my other angels of the day! I can't even count how many times I saw you throughout the day: before the start of the swim, at the end of the swim, at the top of the hills on the bike, on the run, and then at the finish. You were there the whole day. I feel so bad that I didn't give you a hug at the finish. You certainly deserved one! I somehow managed to black out most of the finish line. It's the one thing I would have changed about the day. I would have savored the finish more.

All of the other bloggers, Chris, Xt4, TriTeacher, TriSara Tops, Wil, and Tri Al. The one good thing about being a turtle is that you know that most everybody is in front of you. I got a glimpse of Xt4 on the run but didn't get to shout at him. I saw Al, too. He looked great, and those thighs are just as impressive in person. Wil, wow. I don't know what to say girl. I was thinking about you the whole time out there. You are such a strong person. Your strength is more visible than ever right now as you prepare for next year. Sara, I didn't get to see you the whole day, but your smiling face at the end was priceless. Chris. You are a rockstar man. Here's to another PR next year!



Great pics, Pharmie! You had a great race for your first IM!

I'll see you in Wisconsin next year? Registration starts today! But I forgot my form at home. :(