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Pity Party

So I just finished up with my first weekend day of work. Just a little after 12:30 doesn't seem like a long day on the surface, until you realize that I had to get here at 4 AM. Have I mentioned that I'm not a morning person? For the next 9 months, I will work 12 days on, 2 days off, and for the next 3 months, my hours will be 4 AM until whenever I get all of my work done. Yesterday I looked down at the 2 pagers I have to carry on weekends. Wow. I must be REALLY important, I thought. I felt pretty cool. It lasted about 2 seconds. When I went for my swim last night, I realized halfway through that I had left my pagers at home. I panicked for the rest of the swim and hoped that there weren't any emergencies. Then I realized that the 10 mile run I was hoping to do tomorrow won't be possible as I have to be near a phone the whole time, and I REFUSE to be on a treadmill for the 90+ minutes. Maybe just 7 or 8 on Monday?

I just finished my 3rd box of Kleenex in one week. That nasty cold just won't let up. I'm starting to look like Rudolph, and it's not even December yet. My cough is thick and juicy, and as far as I know, steaks are the only thing that are supposed to have that description. I wouldn't be so annoyed if I didn't have a Marathon to run in 8 short days. Mental note: must clear up lungs by next Sunday... Arrg!

Ahhhh, deep breath. OK. Sorry. I think that's all out of my system. Now, for a 3 hour nap.



Oh no! That sounds totally crappy. Be careful with that cough--mine turned into pneumonia last year somehow--so if it's thick and juicy (disgusting! ew! :) then give yourself some drugs! Can you do that? Maybe that violates some ethics and stuff.....hee hee

Lance Notstrong

Thick and juicey :-) I've never heard a cough described that way but sounds like it might fit.

Can't you carry your cell on your runs?

21st Century Mom

I'd tell you to take care of yourself but YOU'RE the pharmacist so I don't need to - right? RIGHT??!!

I can't believe you are running a marathon so soon after your IM. I just finally ran 6 miles today and that's the longest run I've taken since I ran a marathon on July 30. You're amazing. So take of yourself, you hear?


Take it easy, Pharmie. You know, Rome wasn't built in a day. You've already become an Ironman this year - you don't need to be Superman too. (This year.)


Take care. LEAVE that marathon if you don't feel up to it!


Hope you are feeling better. Just listen to your body marathon day and don't push past any boundaries :) Hopefully with some rest fluids and drugs you will be ready to go!


Take it easy, the hard stuff is behind you. Relax and take it easy until Marathon day. What was it, feed a cold, starve a fever, and have your spouse take care of you the entire time.