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The Donnings of a Minnesota Runner

Boy have I had some extremes in apparel in the last couple of weeks!

Two weeks ago, we were having “high” temperatures in the range of 0 degrees here in Minnesota, not counting the wind chill. So just for the heck of it, I decided to make a post out of all the clothes I was slapping on.

Here’s the list:

- Enell sports bra – hideously ugly but amazingly supportive.
- White tank top, tucked into my tights to avoid the updraft
- Thick long-sleeved technical shirt
- Thick long-sleeved technical shirt with a half zipper, just in case I need a little ventilation.
- Two pairs of spandex tights
- Smartwool socks. They’re like little massages on my feet while I’m running.
- Ski mask to keep as little skin exposed as possible
- Ear band on the outside of my ski mask for additional coverage on my ears and forehead.
- Running shoes
- Watch
- Mittens
- Reflective vest. It still gets dark very early here.

Wouldn’t you know, after 20 minutes of getting dressed, I had to pee. Then I redressed, retucked, and headed out. I was a little chilly for the first mile but the next 7 actually felt pretty good. It was afterward that I had a problem.

You can't really see it, but there are icicles on my eyelashes.
I had to lock myself in our bathroom in front of a heater drinking hot chocolate for 45 minutes before I started to warm up. Those post running chillies are a be-otch!

Fast forward one week. Orlando is having a cold spell, the chilliest it’s been in a long while: record lows. It was in the low 50s when I got there for my business conference, but it warmed up to 80 by our last day. I totally took advantage of it! I ran every day there, except for the one where I did a long swim in an outdoor pool. It felt so good to run free, and it’s unbelievably easier to get dressed when you only need shorts and a tank top. I ran 6,8, and 4 miles in the sunshine and even got a little pink on my shoulders. I came to the conclusion that my recent funk really has been the lack of sun and the crappy cold weather. Can’t wait for spring…



the close up of your eyes is a great shot. I need to get a ski mask. I have been lucky so far to avoid wind burn this winter.


You have beautiful eyes - lucky girl! I hear you on the dressing up - aargh, I just wanna get outside. Yet being warm is sorta important!


Nice snow leopard mittens.

Kudos for you getting out there in these wintery days.

Trying to wipe off frosty eyelashes is not so fun either.


I am so jealous you swam outside! I hear you - I am SO ready for spring, too...


LOVE the mittens!

The warm weather will be here soon. At least that is what I keep telling myself.


Triteacher, thanks for the eye comment. Ask Steve what color they are (he screwed it up 9 years ago, and I'll never let him live it down). :)

Shannon and Bubba, my mom made thos mittens for our cross country state meet in high school! They're still my favorite.

Ironjenny, the outside swim was just enough to get me through all of the snow this weekend. I hear there's more coming, though...


I also love the leopard print...very sassy. Glad you got a little warmth during your Florida sojourn. We weren't so lucky for the 24 Hours of Sebring. Brrrrrrrrr. In Central FL. Insane.

Keep up the good work and the great posts.