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Achille's Heel

Everyone has one – one big food weakness. I have lots of them. There’s one food, though, that really gets to me. I’ll eat them till they make me sick, and then I’ll eat them some more. I can’t help myself.

I have given candy up for Lent every year since I can remember. It really is a sacrifice for me. The problem is that many Catholics have “The Sunday Rule” during Lent where on Sundays, you can get a short break from giving that thing up. So… I tend to more than make up for the candy I didn’t eat during the week, and come Easter, watch out… Well, this year I tried an experiment. I decided that for Lent, I am not giving anything up. Instead, I am going to pray more throughout the day. Since I didn’t give up candy, it is just a special reminder of all of the gifts God has given me.

For the first time in years, these are available for me to eat before Easter, and I am out of control.



Aww man, Pharmie... You know what they say about those good intentions making good pavement...


I never knew about the “The Sunday Rule" thing. I gave up sweets and I'm dying over here.

But It has help me train better, so I'll take that for now..


Hey...we all have weaknesses. And Easter candy seems to be one many have in common. As much as you work and train you'll burn off all those candied egg calories!


Kudos to you for sticking to your guns! It sounds like you're really embracing what Lent is supposed to be about.

Best of luck with the candy control. I've read that it only takes a few weeks before you lose your cravings. Any chance that come Easter, your cravings would be any less than they are today?

Steve S.

You ARE out of control. Steph and I are planning an intervention tonight, so be ready.


That's a great way to look at it!


I didn't know about "The Sunday Rule" either. I normally give up candy as well. I figured with everything I have given up this year to train for IMWI I was not going to give up candy. My Achille's Heel has been the Reese's peanut butter eggs. They are everywhere and I cannot resist.

Let me know if you figure out a way to gain control. :)


Hey, it's over a week later - you still eating eggs? Can you waddle over to the computer still???

Hope you're OK. :)


Ahh, the "Sunday Rule." And St. Pat's day is exempt too. Kind of takes the spirit out of things though.


Have you had the strawberry shake flavored malted milkball eggs?

MMMMMMMMM strawberry shake flavored malted milkball eggs...(in Homer voice)