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Random Life Updates

First of all, I want to congratulate Mikie's team for getting THIRD PLACE in the state tournament. We got creamed on Friday night's match against Frazee. They just outwrestled us. There were a few questionable reffing calls, but mostly they were just a great team. So on Saturday morning, we were up against the #3 rated team for 3rd/4th place. It was back and forth the whole time. The crowd went really wild when Mike tied up the match as the second to last wrestler. As it has many times this year, it came down to our heavyweight. He was up against the guy who pinned him in round 1 of individuals. Our guy got the pin in the first period. The entire cheering section went nuts. My voice is finally back today, but boy was it gone! Over the weekend, my father-in-law suggested that I should be on the other end of a 1-900 number. Think Rachel Ray but deeper and without quite as much pep.

I decided that there will be no workout today. I have been trying to configure my training plan all week, and this afternoon, I realized that I could keep my Wednesday off. I can switch Saturday's long bike ride and Thursday's long run and still get them both in. By the time I'm done with work on the weekends, the Y is closed, and without access to a trainer, there's no access to a bike. It's supposed to warm up this weekend, so maybe some of the ice will melt and I'll be able to bike outside soon. I'll keep my fingers crossed. Meanwhile, our Y just got all new spinning bikes. I can't tell you how excited I am. The old ones were rusty, unpredictable, and offered very few adjustment options (they never quite fit me right because the handles could only adjust up and down, not forward and backward).

Only 4 more months of 12 days on, 2 off! Good thing, too, because I am feeling pretty burned out. My residency will officially be over at the end of June. Hopefully then I'll be able to move to every 3rd or every 4th weekend, and when I do work, I will get days off during the week. Yahoo! Speaking of work, I now officially have a job lined up for after residency. Now we can (maybe) afford our triathlon habit!



It totally figures that STEVE'S father would say that. As we in the teaching business say, "The nut doesn't fall far from the tree." ;)

Glad to hear somewhat normal life is in sight. Just watching my sister do her residency was hellacious. Hats off to you!


Triteacher, you have no idea. I've been dealing with both of them for 10 years! :)


That's a comment my dad would make, but not my father-in-law. So I've been dealing with it for 35+ years. I bet the four months will pass before you know it. You won't know what to do with yourself with the increase of free time. Congrats on the lined-up job!


congrats on the job!


That's my sweetheart for you!! I LIVE with him! and yes, the nut doesn't fall far from the tree! - CONGRATS on the job!!!


That's my sweetheart for you!! I LIVE with him! and yes, the nut doesn't fall far from the tree! - CONGRATS on the job!!!

Steve S.

That line: "Rachel Ray but deeper and without quite as much pep" is a GREAT description.

And Come on, Triteacher, cut me some slack!!


Iron Girl Nyhus

Whoohoo on the job!!! Isn't it such a great feeling to be almost done! Love It!


Wow! Back to back ironmans while finishing a tough residency (if you are at the U, I'm amazed-that was an incredibly difficult program when I was there) I'm seeing a lot of bikes out there, Yea 50's!


Miss Pharmie:
Please check out the recent blog and leave some input.

I mentioned Mr. Tony Tequilo in it, giving you your due props in the bike naming category!

Your humble commenter,


Congratulations on the job!!! I hope it's not at Walgreen's


Congrats on the new job, time to upgrade stuff as a gift for yourself.. Never a bad thing.

I'm sure time will fly when you are having fun on your residency. At least that is the hope.


Trimama, I'm staying right here at HCMC.

Al, no Walgreens in my future... at least I hope not!