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The Aftermath

I know that I owe a whole lotta race report. I finally got caught up on everyone else's blogs, but I think I need go get home and finish the 10 loads of laundry I started yesterday so I can still have early lights out. So... I thought I'd throw up a quick post about my battle wounds. Steve has pics, and I'll get them up sometime soon, but I've been showing them to people for the last two days. Somehow I think they make me look cool, so I've been acting like a proud 5 year old.

right hip
inside of left knee
top of left knee
palm of left hand
right elbow

inside of right ankle
sports bra mark at the top of my abdomen/bottom of my chest
right elbow (that one's a beaut!)
back of neck (my wetsuit has never rubbed there before)

patchy areas all over my body - guess I should have spent more time in T1 with the sunscreeners!

General Soreness:
all over, but not too bad - all of the above actually hurt worse

Yes, I am an Ironman, and I've got the scars to prove it! More on how I got 'em to come :)



Sounds like you just finished an Xterra mountain bike ride....wear them proudly!


OW! I heard about your date with a cone in the helix but that can't be the whole story.

Congratulations! Did I say that yet? I've lost track!


Congrats! I keep hearing bloggers mention you an just found your blog through Tri-Dummy.


I didn't hear about this said date with a cone. Do tell.

If it's any consolation, I *still* have my battle scars on my legs from when I crashed at IMWI 2006. :)


See, uhm, you wanna keep the rubber side down, ya know?


ouch. Ironman wasn't tough enough you had to bang yourself up too?

Lisa - Slow & Steady

eeek. sounds painful.

Taconite Boy

Way to lay some blood on the course! Congratulations x 2



But ouchie!!!

crazy tri mama

Just a ironman-wannabe, who saw you finish on the webcast.

Thanks for the inspiration, congrats and hope the bruises heal, but stick around long enough to show off!


Wounds heal, but glory lasts forever....... Congratulations!


Congrats on another Ironman!!!

Rural Girl

Show 'em off! You are Iron!


Contgrats on your 2nd IM. Your an "inspiration"! Kat~

IM Able

OWIE! Sounds Pain-ful!!

Can't wait to read the race report -- forget the laundry...type, type, type!



love your bruises/scabs of honor! :) congratulations ironwoman!


Gotta luv the battle wounds,

Maybe you should have picked up that traffic cone as a souvenier afterwards. That would have been cool to do.. Then again, not sure you want to see that again..

Great job to push on 2x IronMan.


Congratulations, Glad your okay! Looking forward to the rest of the story!


Sara, It's Bob From Ironman. Congrats on such a strong finish. You are in my race report and wanted to say thanks for the words of encouragement when I needed them on the run. Not sure how to e mail you my report but Tracy (ironwil)has my e mail if you have hers. Again great job out there!



I saw you on the run! Great job. Steve kicked some butt, too. Awesome meeting you guys!


Congrats Pharmie! The owies don't sound like much fun!


Wow. Great race considering all you went through. Way to tough it out!