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Does This Workout Make My Butt Look Big?

So, first, an update: the past month has looked something like this: work, family time, squeeze in a workout, repeat. Work is still crazy. The hospital is busting at the seams with no end in sight. But alas, wrestling season is over, our new nephew has officially been dedicated at church, birthdays have been celebrated, and a good time was had by all. Well, almost all.

Our wrestling team didn't make it past the Goliath that is JCC, and neither did any other team in our class for that matter. After winning our section, they creamed everyone at the state meet. My little brother Mike won the section meet in his weight class (215), and I am so proud of him. He lost in the first round at state, though, in a match he should have easily had. It just wasn't his day. Seeing his face after that match was heartbreaking. On the flip side, his buddy Jake won the gold at state for the 140 pounders, and it was so much fun to see him and a lot of other kids we've watched over the years finish out their high school careers on the mat. I'm slowly getting over the withdrawl.

Marathon training started last week, which reminds me, I should probably get to those 1200s I'm scheduled to do tonight. We found a 3 day a week running program called the FIRST program. It'll be a good one for me for several reasons. It'll make me get more out of my runs, which admittedly I've not been doing the past few years. It will hopefully make me faster, and it leaves plenty of room for tri training. One run per week is intervals, one is tempo, and the long run is supposed to be at a pretty good clip too. No fluffy runs. The past few years have been really busy with a wedding, rotations, residency, and Ironman(s). My runs were spent getting in miles of any quality. Hopefully that will be changing this year.

I took my measurements before I started back to base training this year. Two months later, I've lost an inch in my waist and gained nearly an inch in the hips (read: booty). I guess the extra speedwork combined with the spinning workouts at the Y are shifting the proportions around a little!

We're finally warming up! Thirties to fifties this week, and the shorts are back out. YAHOOOOOO!!


Steve Stenzel

Hey, there's NOTHING wrong with your booty!!


Silly Pharmie and SS, we live in MN. Shorts? I Was riding tuesday in full garb (boots, baklava (yummy, ok balaclava)lobster mits and yea sure enough some runner is plodding along (no not you!! you run fast!) in shorts and a tshirt. Pink chicken skin legs shouting for sun!
I hope that we dont get more snow, but you know MArch, tournament time..


Don't talk too much about your booty or Steve will start posting pictures. He seems pretty happy with it.


Hey, hey. Sounds like you're back and loaded for bear! I'm sure that extra booty is all muscle. (And no, Steve, photos will not be required!)

It is a juggle to fit it all in, no? Glad to hear your brother made it to state. Our girls' basketball team is there this weekend. 800 of 1300 people in the town bought tickets and went to Madison today to watch them win. Good stuff.


Have a great weekend and enjoy this weather! Glad to see you posting again as I love reading you and your husbands blogs!

Rural Girl

I hear ya on the warmer weather! I've had a similar experience with high school sports. My nephew just finished his high school basketball career. I feel just as bad for the parents as I do the kids. The parents put so much into all the years; tournaments, practices, games, raffles.

BTW, I'm coming over for Bon Jovi. Can you get together for lunch? March 18th.


Same thing happens to me! I blame spinning and speedwork.