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Round Two

Dome intervals again tonight! Unfortunately, it's the only running I've gotten to do in a week. I had to work the weekend, and the extra snow and cold temps have kept me inside at spinning class. So, last week I said I felt faster already, and apparently I am. I did 2 more intervals (8) with 20-30 seconds less time in between. Drum roll please...they were about 5 seconds average faster than last week!

I've got wrestling fever. No, it's not something I caught as a result of Valentine's Day. My youngest brother is wrestling this weekend in team section tourneyment, and it's all I can think about. We're seeded #4 in state, and we have to get by the #1 seeded team to make it out of our section. I probably won't be able to talk on Monday. I'm a screamer. Updates later!


Taconite Boy

Nice work on the bike. Nothing like a trainer when it's -7 outside eh?


Steve Stenzel

Screamer? Yes.

I love you!


Bummer on having to work over the weekend. Great job with the running ;D

Iron Girl Nyhus

Those dome intervals sound like fun! I should join you sometime :)



Good luck lil brother!!


I completely forgot my comment after reading Steve's. Oh. My.

Anyway, I really came here to let you know that I've made my blog private, if you would like an invitation please send me an e-mail.


I SO KNEW you were a screamer. I knew it, I knew it, I knew it! :P