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I Marathon Hurt

Went home this weekend to help the parents build the new garden shed (from scratch) and try to tackle a few other projects. After 11 hours of solid manual labor with few breaks on Saturday, I woke up Sunday with aches all over my body, especially in my glutes and hammies. Like, sore to the touch kind of pain. Every step of our 17 mile run was a not so subtle reminder of Saturday's activities, and if I hadn't been running with Steph, I just may have walked the last 2.5 miles.

We did an out and back to the nearest town with a gas station. It actually worked out well because the super nasty headwind we had for the 8.5 miles into town literally carried us back home. My little sister Anne was a trooper and met us with two additional water stops. I really would have bonked if it hadn't been for her! Thanks again Anne! Love you!

Today I am bending, walking, sitting, and standing like I ran a marathon yesterday, except without the glory of being able to tell people that I ran a marathon yesterday. I've never been this sore after a training run, but I know it's a great deposit into the bank for June! Plus, I'm taking today off guilt free. It's gorgeous outside, so maybe I'll just go for a little walk.



Saweet! Glad you signed up!

I'm sorry you had a painful weekend...enjoy the walk!


It's amazing how manual labour causes so much pain. Gardening always catches me out. Much easier running a marathon! :)


Manuel labor and long run, never a fun combination. Rest up,

A nice walk sounds like the right remedy for an aching body.

ps. good luck on your race this weekend.


That manual labor can be a killer. I'm biking this afternoon, and wondering how 4.5 hours of using an axe, saw, and trimmers on Sunday is going to work into the ride. You're an animal!


Way to power through it!!! Best of luck this weekend!


Hope you're feeling better!