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2008 Race Schedule

So it's been 2008 for what, 4 months now? I just put the final touches on this year's race season a week or so ago, though, so I can finally write it all down. I am so excited! This is the most races I've ever been able to fit in a year, and we've got some great meet-ups scheduled with fellow bloggy friends. So much fun! Some have yet to be registered for, but here's the plan:

St. Patrick's Day Human Race 5 mile - March 16
Winter Begone! Duathlon (5K, 30 mile, 10K) - April 27
Grandma's Marathon - June 21
WIBA - June 27-29
Lifetime Fitness Olympic Distance Tri - July 12
Steelhead 70.3 - Aug 2
Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon - October 6

I'm totally pumped because Grandma's will be my first marathon away from home, and Steelhead will be my first "away" tri (except for IM MOO of course). Plus, I know there will be great times to be had when a bunch of crazy triathletes get together at WIBA and Steelhead!



Looks like you have a busy but VERY fun schedule! Best of luck and look forward to reading some race reports!

Borsch appears we may have a race or two in common. This could be a fun year!




Excellent choice in races! I assume Steve will be in attendance, too?

So excited!

Rural Girl

Yah, Pharmie and Steve!! See you guys at WIBA and Steelhead. I am so lucky!


Ok, this is crazy. I'm nutty with delight: We are doing G-Ma's, SH, and WIBA together! Yeeeeeee Haaaaa!

Iron Girl Nyhus

Nick and I are doing Steelhead too!!!! Let's coordinate!