70.3 Me Asap

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The big race is tomorrow. Well, it's a big race, but I'm totally winging it. I picked an interesting race to wing - solid hills on the bike and run. Guess I won't be going for any PRs. Hope to still have fun, though, and be standing upright at the end. Plus, it'll be fun to see Steve dancing around like a crazy man in a grim reaper costume at the end, cause you know he'll be outrunning me even in full costume!

We should be back in time to write a quik race report and watch all of our friends finish IM MOO. People we'll be looking for:

Madison Duo
Rural Girl
JP Severin
Iron Min
Ms. R

Anybody we're missing? Good luck everybody! Have a safe race!


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Oh crap - I wish I were winging my race tomorrow because I wouldn't have mentally substituted Ironm4n for RX:Ironman. doh!

Have fun!


Best of luck with the race - winging and all. Hope the Grim Reaper doesn't get you....