10 Days

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I checked weather.com yesterday. I usually start checking the weather a couple of days before the 10 day forecast comes out for a big event, just to start to get an idea of what kind of day I'll be facing. Today, October 5 fits in the 10 day forecast. Obviously, lots can change, but today, they're saying that it will be no higher than 60 degrees and partly cloudy, which would be PERFECT. It's been really warm the last two years, and I would love to run a cool weather marathon again. I had a pharmacy talk last night in downtown Minneapolis, and I got a little giddy when I saw the marathon signs on the lightposts. This morning, Steve dropped me off at work, and we drove through the start line area to get there. More butterflies. You'd think after doing this 9 times before, it would be old hat, but I still love the excitement.

This of course also means that my test is in 9 days. Crap. I've got a lot of cramming to do. Two more days of work, then it's 5 straight days of studying. Hopefully a run or two in there too. And I'm still hacking out my lungs. If Steve keeps sleeping in the guest room, I may have to move his dresser of socks and undies in there for him.



Yay...cool marathon! I hope!

Jim Smith II

Sorry the amateur weather geek in me needs to say that you can only reliably forecast about 72 hours out, anything more than that is a WAG (meteorological acronym for Wild Arse Guess :-). That said, hope you're feeling better AND get cool marathon weather.

Rural Girl

I wish you all the best!

Think healing and smart thoughts!

Then, think thoughts of how you're the toughest, most bad-ass runner out there when you knock that marathon out of the park!

Hope to see you soon.

Lisa Parsiola

I hope you have a great race - I do some races over and over again, too and I always try to have more fun than the last time! Good luck!


You sound just like me in terms of weather reports, but I'm even more of a geek in that I go to Accuweather and get 15 DAYS out! You think I'd learn that it's never right. Here's keeping my fingers crossed for a cool race for you! :)

Ms. R

I check the weather compulsively before a race too! I'm not even racing this weekend and I can't help myself. Good luck this weekend on Saturday and Sunday!