Despite How it Sounds, There is No Marital Discord

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1. Steve and I haven't slept in the same bed in 4 days.

2. I spent Friday night after work getting all hot and sweaty with a guy other than my husband. We went for hours, and it left me exhausted!

3. Steve was caught the other day buying flowers for his gay lover.

OK, OK. My life continues to be fairly boring - lots of work, studying, and the occasional workout so I don't die during the Twin Cities Marathon. As for the above statements?

1. I have a nasty cold. Again. Seems like I get one of these around this time every year. I've been coughing a lot in my sleep, and it keeps poor Steve up. Either he's not sleeping, or I'm awake worrying that I'll wake him up. We've been taking turns sleeping in the guest room. I seem to be on the upswing after an entire day on the couch yesterday, so keep your fingers crossed.

2. Borsch and I went for a 20 miler on Friday night after work. I had to work till 6, so we weren't done till 10:30. It was actually a pretty good run. It went by fast, and I didn't cough out a lung. I got to show him some of the tough parts of the course and hopefully get him excited for the big day. I love dragging first timers into the sport! Last long run is in the bag. Thanks for a good time Borsch!

The plan was to stop at the local gas station on the way home to get some ice, but the ghetto station that is supposed to close at 12 was locked at 10:30. Arrg! I settled for a cold water bath instead, and it worked just fine. I was shivering and my fingernails all turned blue, and Steve had to put a warm towel on my back so I didn't get totally hypothermic. But the next day, I was ready for 10 hours of moving Steve's parents into their new house.

3. Steve made a Target run a couple of days ago to pick up a few things. The young cashier commented on the last two items on the conveyor, "Well, let's see. The York Peppermint Patty must be for you, and the flowers must be for a very lucky guy... or girl." I guess a guy who regularly dresses in chicken suits, bowl full of sunshine shorts, and all of the other outfits he's come up with sets off a bit of gaydar :)

Seriously, though. The flowers are still gracing the dining room table, and Steve's been great. I've been extra whiny with this nasty cold, and with the big test approaching, he's been taking on even more housework to help out. I love you honey!


Steve Stenzel

I love you too! But I've got my eye on that Borsch character...

Now excuse me while get dressed for my date with Geoffrey.


Thanks for showing me around the course! GRRRRR! I totally forgot about the stupid Marathon Station!

I'm protesting that damn place!

P.S. It will be me who has to keep up with you! Mile 20+ is unproven territory for me.

I can't wait to spend hours getting sweaty together again! :-)

Sorry Steve...


LOL! I hope you feel better soon!


"bowel full of sunshine"? :)


I also laughed out loud at "bowel full of sunshine" - I guess Steve really does have sunshine coming out of his ass!!


Woops! I guess all of the cold medicine was going to my head last night! It's now back to "bowl" full of sunshine!


I typically get super sick this week too! I seem to have kept it away this year (knock on wood) so far.

You two are too cute!

Glad you are on the upswing!


Hope you get over the cold soon. I would have hated to do my last long run with a cold.


aw, here's to wishing you snot and mucus free! and awesome job getting that run in! :)

Kona Shelley

Awww...get better soon!!!


I liked bowel better! LOL

Get better... :)

Greyt Times

You guys crack me up! Hope you feel better soon!!


Your Steve had me worried for a minute there!

Two Left Feet

Everyone always says the good ones are either taken or gay... so that must say something for Steve!

Steve Stenzel

HA! I'm with Two Left Feet! Thanks!


Hilarious! Was he wearing said shorts while buying these flowers?

My ice bath tricks- drink hot cocoa and wear a beanie. Works like a charm!


The RSS feed still said 'bowel full of sunshine' which sounded like what we all have just after eating a hot fudge sundae.

Hope you feel better soon.


Aww feel better!! Love the way you make things interesting:)


great stuff pharmie....sorry you were hacking up a lung there..

Kickstand Pam

You guys are so cute! I love reading both blogs :)

Don't let the Target comments get to you - I've been told by the Walmart greeter that I look like my kids Grandma :( :)


It seems like lots of runners get sick right before big races; I think all the training and exhaustion from training can drain the immune system. But, rest up and hope ya feel better soon!


Good luck with the marathon! Hilarious post!


what a great and funny post! hi.. i found your blog through your husband's. hehe.