I'm Back!

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After working all weekend, I had the day off today. I managed to catch up on lots of home stuff, and strapped on the running shoes for a 9 miler this afternoon. IT WAS AWESOME! It was pretty chilly out there - 41 without the windchill. I wore shorts and a light long sleeve T-shirt, and I was the most underdressed runner out there. Hello? This is Minnesota. It's only going to get colder people. Sure I had an ear band on, but everybody else had pants, hats, and mittens!

Today was my longest run since TCM. I hope to keep up the long runs over the winter and do the Winter Carnival Half at the end of January. More on the 2009 race season later.

I now have even more incentive to get/stay in shape this winter. Of course New Orleans 70.3 is at the beginning of April, but Steve and I just booked a trip to Mexico in the middle of January, so I need to be bikini ready by then :)

I've had a bit of time off since the marathon and am looking forward to finally getting back into things again. The full training starts soon!



Full training here we come!

You keep up those long runs...I'm just gonna smoke you anyway. :P

Ms. R

Nice job on the long run! Mexico sounds lovely.


Always good to have a little more motivation to train:) Way to get the heck out of here during January...I'm shivering just thinking about it!


41 degrees!!!! I would be out there with a parka...but it was 90 degrees here today in SoCal...so i am a wimp.


Hope you and Steve have been out enjoying the incredible weather we've been getting. I can't believe it was over 70 today... and in November?!


Sounds like you're going to be busy this winter with training. Do you do a lot of it inside or do you always brave the cold???

Yay for Mexico. That will be a great get away for you and Steve!

Look forward to following your training!