Patiently Awaiting the Mail

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Steve got me a sweet Cyclops Fluid 2 Trainer for my birthday. They're coming out with the new latest and greatest model this month, so the Fluid 2 went on a major sale at REI (like 90 bucks off). I'm quite confident that I'll never be able to out power the Fluid 2, so for me, it should work just fine. With New Orleans early next spring, I'll be a good trainer this winter.

With the test, the marathon, marathon recovery, and my birthday, I didn't actually pull it out of the box until last Thursday evening. That's when I discovered that the small pieces were missing. I called the company, and they're sending me the missing parts, but with Columbus Day thrown into the mix, they still haven't come. I had a sweet 32 mile ride in the sun on Saturday, but today it's cold and getting dark early, so I really could have used an indoor ride.

I did a 6 mile run on Monday to test out the legs for the first time since the marathon. They felt OK, but my right IT band was feeling a little stiff, so I'm trying to take it a little slow. No use busting something now.

So... no workout today. Boo. I may go to the Y in the next day or 2. I want to get back into my traditional winter weights routine, and I hope to get a little faster in the pool this winter in preparation for NO.

I haven't totally given up on riding outdoors this fall, but trying to get out there after work now that it gets dark so early is darn near impossible. Guess I'll just keep watching the mail...


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Wow....I maybe need to slow down. Last week was 4 hours of hard core spin. So far this week, 2 hours of spin and 4 miles (1 mile intervals).

Am I over doing it a bit?

Today I'm starting to think so, feeling tired and little 'aches'.

Girl on Top

I hate waiting for things to come in the mail too. Hope you get it soon!


You'll have to let me know how you like the Cyclops Fluid 2. We're in the market for a new one and we might have to invest a little $ for something good! :)

Yay for running - boo for the IT! Do what feels good for a little while - you deserve workouts without pain


oooo, that is a FUN new toy!


I heart my Cyclops Fluid 2....hope you do too!


I just joined the Y too in anticipation of some winter weights! I could barely move this morning after some squats yesterday! Have fun with the trainer- I love mine!


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