What I've Eaten Today

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Guess my marathon summary will have to wait till later. I have to conserve calories. Usually the day I run a race, my stomach is a little queasy, and I don't feel like eating much. The next day, though, watch out! The list so far today:

A large bowl of Great Grains cereal - 6 AM
2 fun size Salted Nut Roll bars - 8 AM
Leftover spaghetti and cake - 10:30 AM
Leftover Fish and a small bag of chips - 12:15 PM
Almonds that a coworker had to give me because my stomach was growling - 1:30
Banana - 3:30
Baked chips - 5:45
Two salads - 6:30
Papa Murphy's Gourmet Chicken Mediterranean DeLite pizza - 6:40

...and now I'm finally full

* In my defense, I got up at 5:30, so a 10:30 lunch wasn't that far off.



yeah, but even after you "pigged out" a little, I can honestly say that you ate healthier than I did today! :) Great job this weekend by the way. You are a rockstar!!! :) Can't wait to hear a race report from your point of view (versus the chicken's!)


Lol...I kinda felt the same way today.


I think after a race, we all deserve to eat whatever.

I could mail you a stuffed chicago pizza if you are still hungry.

Steve Stenzel

Happy Birthday!!!!


i must say that everything you ate was pretty healthy!!! so way to make pigging out healthy :)