Get Ready to Rock 20 Mile Abbreviated Race Report

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I was heading into this run knowing it was make or break time. My recent injuries and lackluster long runs left me a little worried about covering the distance. Turns out I should have been. In summary, it totally sucked. I spent the first half of it trying to perform damage control. My left groin was sore. My right one started hurting too, and my abs were cramped up the whole time. I felt nauseated. The humidity and temperatures climbed really quickly. I had to pee from the start of the run, and in the absence of viable bushes, I had to wait for the porta potty at mile 11. My average quickly dropped from 9:15 for the first 11 to 10:30s for the total run. At mile 19, I decided that I really needed to suck it up and just finish the run. At mile 19.5, the nausea got really bad, and I proceeded to barf 4 times while a half a dozen people ran by cheerily chirping that we were almost there. I finished. Steve says my finisher's photo looks as good as I felt.

I've got work to do:

1. Nail down my nutrition plan. I may be wearing a Fuel Belt for the whole marathon. If it means losing a few seconds per mile to maintain adequate nutrition, I'll take it.
2. LOTS AND LOTS of ab work in the next 3 weeks. The salvage workout mentality has left me super squishy in the midsection.
3. Instead of the 15 miler on the books for this weekend, I think I'm going to make it 17 or 18. I need one more practice run.
4. I'm going to feel out my old shoes. When Endurance House did my footstrike analysis at WIBA at the end of June, they determined that I was a more neutral shoe girl, not stability. I remember vowing to myself that if I started to get injured, I'd go back to what's worked for the last 10 years. I did transition myself to the new shoes over a month's time, but that may not have been long enough. I ran my tempo run in my trusty Saucony Hurricanes yesterday, and I felt OK. I think the groin is slowly getting better anyway.

Right after the run, we headed out to Madison to volunteer at IM Moo. It was the most fun I've had in a weekend in a long time. Steve has tons of pictures, but I'll have to hit the highlights in the next couple of days! Happy training everyone!



I hope your run this weekend goes better!

I might wear an empty fuel belt just for a place to store all my food. It was a little difficult at the beginning of my 20 miler to hold on to the shot blocks, power bar, enduralytes and gels.

Good luck with the va jayjay area!


I’m new to the Triathlon world, I am a police officer that wants to get back in shape, and I have always admired Triathletes, Now I have put in motion my quest to do a triathlon and someday The Ironman at Kona….

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Sorry to hear about the sucky long run!!! I am sure you will nail down everything!!!


Way to leave it all out there....literally!

Really tho, sorry to hear the run was less than awesome. But you pushed through and have another experience (albeit a challenging one)in your arsenal.

I'm glad you get your pep back and had a blast at IM WI!! I'm bummed I didn't get to see/meet you and Steve.


Didn't you recently barf at another race? Must be awful. I had a pretty bad case of upset tummy in January at the RnR AZ marathon but no barfing--much be terrible.

You'll get what works down though, I know it.

As for the shoes. I know when I made the switch from Mizuno to Saucony it made all the difference in the world for me but some people should stick to what works best for them and worry about switching post race.

Good luck on your long run this weekend.


I"m sorry you had a sucky run. Barfing on a run is never a good thing, so good job getting it done. Good luck with the long run this weekend and I hope your groin gets better soon.


Ouch, the groin injury sounds so painful! We checked out Endurance House, pretty cool place!


Good luck with the runs and the shoes. Yea go back to what works. And keep working your glute med on the side of your sore adductor and the adductor on the opposite side. Could you be over working the sore side bc the other side/adductor is weak-er? Email me if i need to be decrypted.


Sorry to hear about the bad run! Hope the next one is better.


Good luck this weekend! I will be around St. Thomas so I will look for you and Borsch. Hope your injury has healed up!


Have you tried REV 3? also tried upping your calcium in-take?

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