My Brother Lost the Bet

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My brother Matt and his girlfriend Angela were over last night. Matt admitted that he would have placed money on the fact that I'd be running 3-5 miles two weeks postpartum. Honestly, a month ago, I would have too. I mean, I ran 4.5 miles the morning of the day my water broke, I managed to avoid a C-section, and the rest of my body (and my brain) are ready to go. My nether regions? Not so much. Local rock star Kortney Haag stopped over yesterday with her two boys and an amazing lunch. She said that the first time she tried to run after giving birth, she felt like her insides were going to fall out. I was so relieved to hear this because that's EXACTLY how I felt yesterday on my walk when I had to run to beat a changing light. It's a little disconcerting.

Thank you all SO MUCH for your advice and encouragement on my last post. Unfortunately, not much has changed on the breastfeeding front. It is getting a little easier, but I wouldn't classify it as "easy" by any means. Henry still doesn't have a great sleeping schedule, and he rarely goes a full 3 hours between feedings. That meant that he was up every 1.5-2 hours last night, and I woke up feeling exhausted. I had hoped to get out for a walk before the 100 degree temps rolled in, but at 8 AM, all I could think about was trying to get in a nap.

We have been a lot better about getting out of the house, though, and I know that's been helping to relieve the cooped up feeling that has been creeping in. Henry LOVES the stroller. He passes out in it every time. Right now, I would rank it at the top as far as "good investments" that we made before he was born. Seriously. The BOB is worth its weight in gold. Other great investments: the Simple Wishes hands free pumping bra. You cannot underestimate the value of having 2 free hands during those 10 minutes. Also, a good baby carrier... I bought the Baby K'tan a few weeks before Henry was born. He's just now big enough to go in it, although his head control is really good, so I probably could have tried it earlier. He was crabby for much of the morning. Once I strapped him in it, he fell right asleep. I've had 2 hours of a content, sleeping baby.

We got out for a 1+ mile walk yesterday with the BOB and a 2.5 mile walk the day before. I love living in St. Paul and being able to make it a goal to walk to get a few errands done. Tuesday's walk was to our local pharmacy. The pharmacist told me I in no way look like I gave birth 2 weeks ago. (It's a good thing we don't operate on tips - I would have had to give her a big one!) Though I still feel like I did, it's amazing how big of a difference putting on real clothes and getting out of the house makes! I'm hoping we can get in another good walk tomorrow once the heat subsides a little. I'm still sore afterward, but icing really seems to help.

Well, back to another feeding. Happy 4th of July weekend, everybody!



I think walking on little to no sleep is amazing. I am enjoying your post-baby posts. Congrats and I'm sure you'll be hitting the pavement soon!


I also would have bet that I'd have been running at about 2 weeks postpartum. I ended up waiting the full 6 weeks, but I *think* I probably could have started running again (a little) at about 4 weeks. Slow and steady definitely wins the lady-bits-healing race. Take your time, and listen to your body.

Hang in there with the breastfeeding! Henry will eventually start sleeping longer stretches. And your "girls" will eventually stop hurting so badly. I've been there. Breastfeeding is literally the hardest thing I've ever done. Harder than the marathon. Harder than the unmedicated part of my labor. But it *did* get easier. And it will for you too.


My lady bits were wonky for a few months, but they are definitely fine now 15 months post partum (I also waited the full 6 weeks).

B-feeding was horrendous the first 6 weeks for me, but it got so much easier. Lactation consultant and support group were very helpful. What I found helpful was not saying I would do it for x more months, but instead 2 more weeks. Short goals seemed less daunting and more attainable.

I think the first 3 months are the hardest with the severe sleep deprivation. It feels like it will never get better, but I swear it will. My little guy has been sawing logs for 30 minutes now and will all night just like he has every night since he turned 4 months. Hang in there! You are doing great!!


I do think things will get better for you in terms of breastfeeding. For most moms, it seems at the 6-week point, most moms seem to find things easier.

I just wanted to say -- both my kids NEVER, EVER, EVER went three hours during the day without breastfeeding until age 2 or so (2 years!). My first ate every 45 minutes during the day and my second went about 1.5 hours. Nurse on demand, get a good book/netflix and don't look at the clock!

I promise it will get easier.



Whoops, I'm not sure my comment was very supportive.

I should have said I am so impressed with your exercising during pregnancy (I was no where near as fit), your awesome birth story and your perseverence in the face of breastfeeding issues.

I, too, had troulbe being active at first. I started going back to the gym at 3 months postpartum and twisted my ankle while running (I think my ligaments were still loose). I imagine you will be fitter than I was much more quickly though!

I only meant to say that if I expected my babies to go 3 hours without breastfeeding, I would have been very, very disappointed. With my second, my expectations were so low and it was nice to not feel disappointed.

I did end up bedsharing (safely, with certain things in place) with my second to allow for easy nighttime breastfeeding. Because, yeah, breastfeeding every two hours is a bitch. But it was what it was. I napped with my first every day, sometimes twice a day. I did what I needed to do.

I hope you get more sleep soon!


Jephy's Mom

Breastfeeding takes a lot of patience. I cringe when I hear talk of schedules for breast fed babies. Botttle fed babies go on schedule because that milk is different. I once had a friend, a very young and inexperienced mother, who under pressure from family members to get her baby on a schedule, let the poor child cry for an hour to get her on a schedule.
Your baby is nursing often for many different reasons nourishment and comfort being two.
Hang in there, it's still early. Eventually, things do get better. A lot better. Baby will go longer between feeds and you will be so glad you stuck it out.


I remember saying the same thing about my insides falling out when I tried to run. I waited the full 6 weeks too, though before birth I thought I would be back sooner. Every one's delivery is different too, and the area gets beat up if different ways, KWIM? It will be even more ouchie if you had any stitches.

Anyhow...6 weeks will be here soon, you'll be sleeping maybe a little bit more, and you'll be back to running soon. It did take a while after I started to be able to go hard or downhill without that area aching, but now at 11 months it's all good.

Hands-free pumping bra?! The is awesome.


((HUGS)) You are doing amazing! :)


You really are doing a great job. Breastfeeding for the first 6 weeks was EXHAUSTING. No one told me there would be growth spurts! Stay hydrated, eat snacks, rest when you can - you'll be back sooner than you realize. :)