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So Steve informed me that he will not be joining me on my 70 mile ride tomorrow. "I want to go on a fast ride," he informed me yesterday. That's obviously his choice, but I was really looking forward to having the company. Funny. I've never really minded training alone before. I trained for most of my marathons alone, and I trained for my triathlons alone. IM seems different somehow. I think it's just the sheer number of hours that I'm putting in that makes me really look forward to sessions I get to do with other people. I guess this will be just another deposit into the mental toughness bank.



I come across like a jackass in this posting. I better clean up my act!

Rory Hanlin

Ride SLS, RIDE!!!

Have fun on those 70 miles...We just bought Cannondale road bikes the other day and if we could, we would ride with you.

April and Rory


April and Rory,

Congrats on joining the tri scene! I'm sorry I can't be down there to train with you, but I'm here any time you have questions... Hope to talk to you soon!