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A Week in the Water

Back to full weeks of training. My program is now at a point where I emphasize one discipline per week for the next several weeks. This week is swimming. I have to swim 6 days this week. Since swimming is not my favorite element of the tri, I think it will actually be good for me. I retaught myself how to swim this past winter, and although my stroke has gotten better, my speed in the water is actually a little slower. I swam 3200 meters yesterday and felt great, like I could have gone a lot farther (I have gone a lot farther already this year), and maybe this is the key. If I don’t kill myself in the water and have wasted little energy by the time I climb out, the bike and the run will be that much better. I’ve got my first open water swim of the year planed for tomorrow.

I start back to the working world tomorrow. I’ve been pretty lucky the last month or so as far as training goes: plenty of sleep, my own schedule, and only the occasional 4 am alarm clock. When I signed up for IMWI, I thought that this would be the perfect time to train – right as I’m finishing school and starting my residency. I guess we’ll see in the next couple of months if I was right. I know that starting my new job will be stressful, and I’m heading right into my most intense weeks of training. I’m not sure if it will be good stress relief or if it will be added stress. Stay tuned!

I’m heading out to Madison in a couple of weeks to train on the bike course. I’ll finally get to see the hills that everybody has been talking about. I’ve been trying to incorporate some good sized hills in my rides lately, but actually seeing what I’ll be up against in September will help me design some rides to prepare me for IM. I actually have a hilly 2 hour ride planned for this afternoon.

Sorry for the random post today – a lot on my mind, and not enough time to formulate coherent thoughts!



I read an article with Terry McLoughlin (I think that's his name? The Total Immersion dude), and he said that the number one priority for Ironman swimming should be get out of the water with a low heartrate. That too many swimmers try to win the whole race in the first 1000 yards because they can't get their adrenaline under control. And don't know if you saw that swim course video at my blog, but Nicole Deboom says the same thing - the important thing about the first lap especially at IMWI is not get be in debt at all - slow and easy. And I don't know how many countless things I've read that clearly say you cannot win the Ironman in the water, but you can lose it. So anyway, I think you have a good strategy - the same one I have - which is to save yourself for the bike and run. I'd have to work damn hard to improve 2 or 3 minutes on my time, and if I'm smart can easily make that up in transitions and on the bike. So anway - onward!


I still hope to check out the video on your blog, but I have to wait to get to a better connection (dial-up at home). I want to check out your GPS of the course too. Thanks for the words of encouragement about the swim. I am still getting faster the more I practice, but I know that I'm never going to finish at the front of the pack. For now, I'm working on keeping it relatively effortless.


SLS you rock. The 1/2 was fun and I can't wait until we can run together again sometime!



You should join us on July 8th as we ride the course in WI! Wanna come? :)



I've been enjoying your site for several weeks now, so it's fun to hear from you. I sent Wil a message on her site - would it be OK if I joined you guys? I don't know all of the details about your planned weekend, but since I'll be out there anyway, I'd love to be in the company of fellow IMers!


Love the blog!!! Great title too.

In my humble opinion, the hills at IMWI are not that bad. Know that they are there, respect them, train for them, but certainly do not fear them. You'll do great!!!


By the way, I peaked at your comment on another blog. If you are going to take your bike in to a shop in Madison, I have been recommended by the locals to go to either Williamson Bike Works (Willys) or Machinery Row.


Hey thanks for the advice! I took a peek at your blog. Very helpful! Glad to hear that the knee is doing better.